• Rachael Gunn
    Nov 2021

    This was my first time taking my son to chop and I wasn’t very impressed. We waited around for our stylist who seemed in no rush at all but did apologize for running behind. There were 2 guys just standing around, one of which continuously used the razors to shave his face in the mirror. The shop was cool, hair cut was ok. Seemed a little more like social hour than a place to get your hair cut.Service: Haircut

  • Vivian Buchanan
    Nov 2021

    Overall I had a good experience, and I really like my hair cut. I scheduled the $40 women’s wash, cut, and blow dry. However, at checkout I was charged $15 extra for something called a “long hair add-on.” I double checked the website and didn’t see any mention of this extra charge. I’ve shared photos of my “long hair” for reference (and I only got about 4 inches cut, so it’s not like my hair was floor length to start with). Again, I really like my hair cut, and Kay was pleasant. But the price policy is a bit misleading. Why even offer women’s haircuts if you’re going to charge nearly 50% extra for a very standard length?Service: Haircut

  • Aydin B.
    Nov 2021

    I walked in at 9:30 am. There was only one person getting a haircut, one just finished up. And three barbers working. I was told I had to wait until at least 1:30pm before they can get to me. Won't be back.

  • Scorpio32301
    Oct 2021

    My barber Matt provides excellent, detailed service. The place is pleasant in a nostalgic sort of way, and they offer you a drink while you wait or get your haircut.

  • Corrinne Vernick
    Aug 2021

    I had an appointment for a color consultation. I got to the shop on time and was greeted quickly in a friendly, professional manner. I waited 30 minutes for my stylist as she finished cutting another client's hair, no big deal - we all run behind sometimes. When she was done, and it was time to meet with me, she went to the back and informed another staff member that she wasn't feeling well and needed to cancel the appointment. I understand not feeling well and wanting/needing to go home. I appreciate her not meeting with me if she wasn't feeling well. I just feel like she could've said something before having me wait 30 minutes. The staff member that informed me that she was canceling the appointment was very kind, professional, and apologized for inconvenience.

  • Craig Hewitt
    Aug 2021

    Chop is my go to barbershop! I never was on the schedule regularly with any other particular shop/hairdresser before going to Chop, but Chop really impressed me. The haircuts are consistently great and the price is reasonable. Added bonus, the vibes here are just super cool, e.g., the furniture, the music, etc.

  • nicholas proferes
    Aug 2021

    Everything seemed fine After I got my haircut Daniel only showed me one side I thought it was kind of strange but that side look pretty good so I didn't think anything of it. I was from out of town thought the place looked kind of cool decided to try it out I was headed towards a party with a lot of my friends. I showed up and was informed by my wife that the line on the back of my head was crooked and when I say crooked real crooked like probably a good half to three quarters of an inch off from side to side. I'm not even mad that she messed up I'm mad that she tried to hide it and set me up to be embarrassed at a party with my friends. That shows me lack of integrity I will never be back.Services: Beard trim

  • Mike Fato
    Jul 2021

    Great people work here,and do great hair. Get your hair done here.

  • Tracy Kio
    Jul 2021

    I loved my experience with Kay! She knew exactly what I wanted with very little words from me. I absolutely looove the haircut she gave me. It's fun looking with lots of layers and got rid of all the dead ends which is what I wanted. I will recommend Chop Shop every time. My son had an amazing experience with Matt. My son loves to talk and Matt talked to him about whatever my son wanted to talk about. We've been coming here for years now and will continue to come here.Service: Haircut

  • Cassandra Reed
    Jun 2021

    I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I paid $250 to have my hair dyed a rainbow. Not only was it not done how I asked (I wanted to keep my roots for the top 5" or so, and wanted deeper colors/ NOT fluorescent), but the color has almost completely faded after 23 days. I have washed it only 7 times, in cold water. I was completely ripped off.First photo is from the day it was done, second photo is 23 days, and only 7 shampoos, later. Last photo is my receipt.Now I just have bleached blond, poorly colored hair and look a mess, and am out an extraordinary amount of money.

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Chop Barbershop - Eastside

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