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  • Sohel Siddique
    Jan 2022

    Good engineer and fare price,definitely recommend.

  • Nick Schreiber
    Jan 2021

    I like how the company responds but as you can see blames me, which further goes to show my initial impression was not far off. As I stated this was not a review for any work but for my initial interaction with the company - which led to me not wanting to deal with this business. Maybe instead of worrying about me they should look at their intake process and why it left such a bad impression. I gave that a 1 star because that is what it was.- The owner also goes on to say I only leave bad reviews (not true) and he will report me to google - ok. I leave reviews based on my personal experience. It is also worth noting that I will try a place multiple times before I would even think about leaving a negative review because I understand everyone has off days. If I have a bad experience I will just not leave a review and make it a point to go back at some point. If it consistently matches my experience then I will leave a review. Rarely would I consider leaving a negative review on just one visit (doesn't seem fair to me) unless it was so bad that I would never want to go back , or like in this case, where the interaction stopped any chance of me wanting to deal with the business any further.What I didn't mention in the initial review was the lack of professionalism of the initial call. I thought I was calling someone's house and not a professional business. When I called the lady was clearly distracted, there was a lot of background noise and she was talking loudly with someone and went back n forth between me and whatever was going on. I started to ask my question and she asked me to hang on. She moved away from the phone (not put on hold so I heard everything) and was again talking loudly to someone else. Then all of a sudden there was music blasting in the phone - not hold sounding music, but loud music. She realized this as she came back to phone and tried to talk , said hang on and got the music to shut off so we can finally speak to each other.I had a fairly simple question. I asked how much is a compressor for an LG refrigerator (had refrigerator model number and OEM part number) and what would labor be to install it? The cost of the part is the cost of the part - just look it up. I can so I am sure they can. Labor - if they have installed a compressor before then they can estimate how much labor is needed to install it. That was what I asked - how much is the part I am asking about, and about how much to install it.I was told they could not provide that info with having a tech come out and that would require a service fee. (I think she said $79). I said I already know it is the compresor, I have all the model and part numbers so can I just get a ballpark estimate so I don't have to pay the service fee to have someone come out and tell me what I already know. She said no. They have to come out. So that right there tells me something is off and they really want to make sure they get the service fee or lock you in for a repair. If they have ever replaced an LG compressor than there is no reason they couldn't look up the cost of a replacement OEM compressor and estimated Labor based on how ever many jobs they have done before.After talking to Sanford Appliance Repair, I called several other appliance repair shops and not one had an issue getting me the price of the compressor (or even acted like that was a problem) and estimated labor. A couple places told me they would not replace LG compressors - also good to know, and one told me to get a new refrigerator because LG compressors were junk.So my experience with them was not great and I would never consider using them based on my interaction. The person working intake is the first impression with potential customers and maybe that is a process that needs some updating.

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