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  • Recording Channel
    Oct 2022

    I was very impressed with Alita's massage techniques, and it felt amazing. She knew exactly what my problem was and was able to give me relief.

  • T Shipko
    Sep 2022

    I just had the most fantastic massage! Alita knows how the body functions and can relieve pains by properly aligning and opening up tight areas. She is a true master. I’m so happy I found her

  • Donald Marcella
    Jun 2022

    Between 2010 to 2017 had 5 ankle miserable and failed surgeries and total ankle replacement in 2018 last several months My ankle was acting up causing pain stiffness and obvious limp. After the first session with Alita the symptoms were dramatically better. By the third session, It was pain free, limber, and mobile. I’m back to 100. I’d honestly say Alita had me pain free !******Just an update to the above review: FYI last week I tore my rotator cuff 90% per MRI & surgeon. Following Alita’s advice and allowing her to do as she saw proper… I have full range of motion and most of pain is manageable. It’s still torn, but I’m delaying surgery and going to work with Alita. I hope to get another year or two WITHOUT surgery. I’ll update in a few months I’m just thankful everyday away from cut happy surgeons is another good day!

  • d lloyd
    Jun 2022

    I was referred to Alita by my doctor and he was so right. My symptoms were lower back pain with spasms down my legs and a tightness in my thigh. I was in a lot of pain and there were days I could barely walk. Since seeing Alita my pain has resolved by 95% . I am playing tennis and have a smile on my face!!! Thank you Alita!!!

  • Ramon Sieminski
    Jun 2022

    Alita I came in on advice from my family who are residents and believers in your skills. You were gracious enough to take me on a Sunday and relieve the pain in my shoulder. I am an engineer so I can hardly repeat the names of the techniques you used to remove the pain so I am happy to relay my results…. Cheers Mate

  • Kevin McLoughlin
    May 2022

    I have been dealing with muscular tension issues my entire adult life that affects my hand. Alita has made such a huge difference for me. She is truly a knowledgeable professional and a real expert. I recommend her to all my friends.

  • John Montero
    May 2022

    Ms. Alita is a very skilled and knowledgeable therapist. She is a hidden Gem right here in Port St. Lucie. I would encourage all to schedule an appointment, if you are in need of a good massage.

  • david glisson
    Apr 2022

    Alita is the BEST! I have been a long-time customer of Alita's Hair and Massage. She has always done a great job of therapeutic massage and has helped me to be healthier. Most recently, I had severe sciatic nerve pain from my lower back, through my hip and down my leg. The pain was so severe that I could barely walk or stand. It lasted for more than two weeks. I went to the chiropractor several times with little or no relief. Alita was able to help me. I saw her twice for my sciatic nerve pain and she was able to massage and stretch my back, hip and leg, alleviating my pain. It wasn't instantaneous but it certainly was relief because of Alita's knowledge and understanding of anatomy; together with her hard work. Alita really cares and wants to help her clients. I cannot recommend her any more highly, she simply is fantastic.

  • Em J
    Mar 2022

    Alita was amazing! I came in with a bad neck and I couldn't turn my head without pain. I had tense muscles. Alita gave me a type of cranial massage and it was amazing. Everything she did helped relax my body. When it was over, I felt brand new! My neck and body was relaxed. Definitely great experience. I appreciate her!

  • John Histed
    Mar 2022

    I’ve had many massages world wide but never have I had a massage as good as the one Alita administered. My hips were out of alignment for as long as I can remember but with one visit my hips our aligned. This lady has a phenomenal understanding of the human body. I would like to copy Tina Turners song Alita is the best she is absolutely the very best

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