• Areetha Carter
    Nov 2021

    I have lived in Pensacola since 2017 and this is definitely the best place!! I will definitely be coming here from now on. I’m a stickler for my nails looking as real as possible. I don’t like them thick and the shape has to be on point.. all I did was white this time but I will see how they do with artwork later.

  • Kelsey S.
    Oct 2021

    Went in to get a polish change on my toenails and a fill in on my nails. The lady messed up on my big toe and tried to cover it up by literally putting 6 coats of polish on it. So then it looked lumpy. I could tell it was never going to dry. It had a huge black dot in the middle too. Another lady working tried to fix it by putting on ANOTHER coat of polish. I told them it was never going to dry and needed to just be removed and painted again but they didn't do it. Flash forward to 12 hours later and I'm laying in bed and what do you know---- the polish scuffed up. I called it! My nails looked ok but had shellac all over the skin. I know there's more important things to worry about but geez when you pay for something to be professionally done and your 8 year old niece could polish them better, something is wrong. All together 57 dollars. I could have done them better myself! Leaving for a trip tomorrow and now I don't have time to get them redone.

  • Alannah Kelley
    Oct 2021

    Still haven't found a nail place down here that I think is decent. I used to get awesome designs for each season for maybe 50 bucks. 70 plus tip isn't worth that simple black and two drip nails. Did my nails great but overpriced for simple designs.

  • Lisa K.
    Oct 2021

    Wow, would give 0 stars if I could. After arriving to my walk in appointment I was told there was no wait. 5 min later I was told a 20 min wait. Okay, no problem. For a 30$ pedi my toenails were cut crooked. I also chose not to do the manicure after explaining to the manicurist that I cannot do gel, acrylic or dip because it ruins my nails, she tried to tell me that regular polish would not be good because I would have to be very careful. I do know the diff between natural nail and acrylic or gel. Waste of money time and aggravation. If I could do it again I would go somewhere that I can spend my money on what I am asking for.

  • Donae hancock
    Sep 2021

    Very rude and refused servicing me after Irellen sat me down.

  • Madison A.
    Sep 2021

    DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!! This place does not know how to do nails. If you're looking for a place that does French Tips or single color. My bachelorette party of 5 went in and none of us had a good experience. Pictures for reference of what I asked for verses what I got. They rushed through everything and did not do what I asked. They hurt when they did my nails.

  • jana morris
    Sep 2021

    Average, but I think they overcharged me and you can't add the tip on your card which is very inconvenient

  • Bliss Bliss
    Jul 2021

    from our experience the owner was very rude & condescending when we ask a few normal questions to add to our service, she said ok, turned her back; it did not happen ~ they used very old gummy OPI nail polish on our nails because they refused to open a new bottle, she was ruff with us, almost cut severely my finger, rushed us out of there, did a poor job,...the girl was very angry doing my service as if mad at something, we factored in everybody is busy, stressed, have bad days ~ we intend to drive further for kinder service...we get our nails done weekly..put our money somewhere else like Herb Nails, then when you get to the door to pay they only take cash or VENMO for tips...the OWNER was a NIGHTMARE....rude...NEVER againServices: Pedicures

  • Tessa T.
    Jul 2021

    I've gotten both manicures and pedicures here a few times. This is my favorite nail salon in town. The inside is very clean and updated. The staff are all friendly and talented.

  • Erin L.
    Jun 2021

    I tried this nail salon after my regular nail place was closed and I honestly wasn't a huge fan of my nails. I also wasn't offered a drink like they advertise. My nails looked sloppy, even after I corrected a few spots, and they're expensive. I had my nails SLIGHTLY filed in (for a $5 up charge without telling me), additionally one of the nails broke and they didn't fix it. She didn't even put on a new nail, she filed over it and moved on. You will see this in my photos. A few of my cuticles got pretty destroyed, so I had to go home and put alcohol on the open skin so I didn't get an infection. You can see where they didn't put polish all the way up to my cuticles, so of course I will need a fill much sooner. I'll just ignore what they were saying in Vietnamese, but it's still uncomfortable when you think people are talking about you right in frying of you.... I understand there is a language barrier and that's okay, but body language is often universal. Lastly, she asked me four separate times if I wanted gel polish, when I was adamant that I wanted regular polish. That's the only thing she said to me the entire time. You've got to be kidding if you think I'm paying $60 for gel acrylics that look like this. They get one star for seeing me right away and getting me out in a timely matter.

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