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  • mitch packer
    Sep 2023

    I’ve been an A B C Roofing customer for 24 years. Nobody else has ever worked on my house. I’m an enthusiastic homeowner. Always got a good response and they always did what was needed. My house is a difficult puzzle with 5 sub roofs and a large flat roof. Thank you to the entire team from the owner to the sales team to the labor force. It’s a real compliment to see many of the same folks for all these years. Kudos!!Services: Roof installation

  • Alex Fernandez
    Sep 2023

    Had our roof replaced by ABC. It was my first time taking on a project this big. Although there were a few issues, Hannah the office manager was always prompt about answering any emails i sent and getting any issues resolved promptly! Thanks again Hannah it was a pleasure/1Service: Roof installation

  • Tony Rod
    Sep 2023

    I specifically asked 3 different people with ABC roofing NOT to throw away my 3 month old gutters.Today I come home and find the gutter in the dumpster! Additionally, there’s debris swirling around in my bathroom exhaust fan, Modelo beer cans on the grass, debris and nails everywhere, oil/tar stains around the community roads. There is a SERIOUS lack of quality control and supervision.As a paying customer of over $11,000 to replace my roof, I expected a little more respect than that! Companies now are just all about profit and not customer satisfaction. My HOA really dropped the ball hiring this company.Services: Roof repair

  • SW “Droneguy” N
    Sep 2023

    This company was recommended to me by a friend of mine who had their roof done as well. They did not disappoint from the estimate process to the price and time it took to complete the project was amazing. The customer service and professionalism of everyone who was involved with this project was outstanding.On top of that they came in a lot cheaper that most people. Don't hesitate to call them for your roofing needs.Service: Roof installation

  • Dominic Paine
    Sep 2023

    Needed a re-roof (replacement of my shingle roof due to age) and ABC Roofing was recommended to me by a colleague. Mario was the rep I worked with. Once the local permitting was complete, they efficiently and in a timely manner worked my project and did high quality work at every step. I requested a rigid roof vent (Cobra Rigid Ridge Vent 3) rather than their standard mesh ridge vent and they facilitated that request with no issue. That one change dramatically lowered my attic temperature from an average of 138 degrees down to 109 degrees, the lower temps having been recorded over multiple midday readings during a heat advisory no less! The rigid version of the ridge vent allows for much better air flow than the mesh ridge vent it replaced. They also replaced the flashing on my split level roof and the new flashing work is of a much higher quality than the original flashing all the way down to the replacement of the stucco. Very professional work. Overall I give ABC Roofing top marks for the work they performed and would recommend them to others.

  • Terri K.
    Aug 2023

    Patrick was very attentive, polite, professional as well as honorable. Always can count on ABC roofing to do the job right.

  • Andy
    Aug 2023

    Just wanted to say thank you. As you all know I was on time crunch, my Insurance company was only giving me a short time to replace my roof or cancel my insurance!From my first call to ( ABC Roofing )they came out the next day and gave be a quote. ABC did my roof 20 years ago and I never had a problem. I like to stay with something that works.Joey was very helpful, always answered my call’s and when he would stop by, always took the time to talk with me. ( never rushed right off )Hanna was also very helpful, when I would get nervous about the time crunch, Hanna would always come through and work with me to insure me it would get done in time. ( and it was ) Home owners insurance was renewed in one day.I’m happy to say roof looks and works great, the ridge vents sure seem to get rid of the excess heat in the attic, helping my A/C.Thanks Again

  • Guy Smiley
    Aug 2023

    I am unhappy with their service. ABC repaired my flat roof tie in a bit over a year ago which failed and it was out of warranty. It should have lasted more than a year but my warranty covers a year. No problem, I called to have it repaired again. They sent someone over who emailed me a quote. I called back to ask a question and the phone rep was nice but needed clarification on the invoice so she said the roofer would call me back. He calls back and claims he never sent an estimate and he would only work on my roof if it was re-roofed. He didn't even give me time to accept the reroof - just hung up on me. Don't expect your roof to last longer than the warranty and when it fails, don't expect good service. You're not going to get it.Service: Roof damage repair

  • R T.
    Aug 2023

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Terrible workmanship. Roof is already leaking and it is just outside of the warranty. They will not honor warranty because it past warranty. But unfortunately used them for other work which is also either cracking, or poorly done. This is your consumer warning find another roofing company this is not the one. Roofs should last longer than 10 years and their workmanship WILL NOT last longer than 10 years.

  • Gary F.
    Jul 2023

    Our neighbor across the street recommended them after she did all the research on them before she used them. We ended up doing two roofs, our house and my wife's mother's townhouse. Both before hurricane Wilma. The townhouse, we recently sold it. My mother in law never bothered to fix the ceiling in the bedroom, and the people that were going to buy it had an inspection, and the inspector kept telling us there was a leak. To help get the price down. NOPE! It poured rain for two days after the inspection. Guess what? NOT, one drop of water. No leaks anywhere. ABC also put the roof on our home just before hurricane Wilma hit us. The tile we wanted was back ordered. It took about three to get it, and we had to wait because so many people needed repairs from the storm. When they finally did the tile, they did a nice job. Though the whole process, they kept everything clean, no dumpster, and they hauled off all the every day.Seventeen years later. We had a really bad storm come through. The associations trees in the back that were not properly trimmed, and the storm ripped them apart in big peice, leaving them all over the roof. My neighbor went up there, through down the branches, and took pictures of the damage. At first, we were not sure who to call. I said to my wife, "Let's call ABC." They sent someone out to us Monday after we called. After his inspection, he says it looks worse than it is. Only tile damage and a bent exaust vent. Not knowing that his company was the one who put the roof on, says, the roof, it self looks great. He figured we should easily get ten more years from it. That's when we told him it's one of their roofs. They sent the guys the next day. We were not expecting that. $900, they did it so fast it took them about thee days to get the bill ready and my wife was able to pay it over the phone.The next time we need a new roof, there is no question about who we are going use.

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