• Ada K.
    Dec 2021

    Positives: low price and quick. You will be out in an hour. Cons: not the most welcoming employees. They are short and dismissive. Hard to find the same person working there long term. They do not do nail designs.

  • Noita Lumits
    Nov 2021

    Essentially if you want to be treated like a dog then go there I went and wasn't there 2 minutes before one of the manicurists was clapping at me and telling me that it was time past due for my appointment didn't say hello didn't ask to help me simply clapped at me and started yelling from across the room embarrassing yelling. will never ever patronize this business it's an embarrassment that they continue to hire ghetto personnel personnel shameful. I spoke with the owner manager they were very gracious they apologize profusely profusely unfortunately it was unfortunately it was one of the worst experiences and I rather pay more somewhere else not to be treated like treated like garbage.

  • Joselyn Centeno
    Nov 2021

    The front desk person is rude and looks like she hates life. Last time i went the lady forgot to put top coat on my toes so my pedi was ruined. Honestly the price is cheap but obviously for a reason. I dont think i will be going back to this salon.

  • Madelin C.
    Oct 2021

    Horrible...., my appointment was made at 12pm and every employee was taking their lunch at that time. I've been at this place before and it has always been quick. In and out but I will NEVER GO BACK. The people are super rude

  • Bethania P.
    Oct 2021

    POOR CUSTOMER service. Train your workers to treat people the right way. I don't usually do reviews on business or restaurants because I like to give second chances if I had a bad experience. But I feel the necessity of doing this one so the owner can do something about it. AWFUL customer service, I called to make a mani and pedi appointment and the girl on the phone didn't have any interest in assist customers. She hang up on me the first time without no reason, the when I call again she didn't even ask me what service I wanted and when I ask if the salon have eyebrow services she said the following; - we don't know when the eyebrows girl is coming!!! - what does that even mean? So that mean she does not have any schedule or appointments? What kind of salon works like that? . The she said : I don't know if she is going to be here so I can't make you an appointment. Really??? Anyway, so disappointing the treatment of this girl. I move to Coral gables searching for a new salon to go but definitely not coming to this one. Poor poor customer service.

  • Katia C.
    Oct 2021

    The best salon !!! manicure and pedicure I recommend it !!! excellent service cleanliness attention throughout Miami in Coral Gables and Doral Miami

  • Jennette B.
    Sep 2021

    Enjoy my biweekly manicure, appointments are always on time and all the ladies are great. Miss the coffee they used to give pre COVID

  • Caroline Wilhelms
    Sep 2021

    Great service and affordable!

  • Natalia M.
    Sep 2021

    DO NOT COME HERE. My experience was absolutely terrible. I received an infection directly after my manicure. The nail technician was EXTREMELY aggressive. The nail technician cut me, put an ointment on the cut; immediately I started to blister on the finger she cut. Nail technician then thought the blistering ( due to the ointment she put on ) was cuticle and she proceeded to cut the blisters. I advised her I was in pain, I also advised her my finger felt like it was burning. I told her I needed to wash my hand to take off the ointment. I was reading on line this ointment can cause this reaction if allergic. Absolutely terrible. I paid for the service and left her tip because it was so cheap, I felt truly bad for her because I am sure she is scraping to make a living. I will never go again for being cheap you will have cheap results such as an infection which I currently have. If you decide to go, good luck ! I would NEVER recommend anyone to come here. I live upstairs so I was hoping for this place to be by "go to" manicure and pedicure place. I would rather keep going to Consuelo in PORTFOLIO on miracle mile - where they actually sanitize the items they use and are careful - pay more for better quality and no infection. Also, the women are very unprofessional. I mean, they probably get paid $5 an hour but the business should be conducted better. The woman are constantly gossiping, picking up phone calls in the middle of a service, and rude. TOO GHETTO to be in Coral Gables.

  • Deborah Della
    Sep 2021

    I never usually had a problem.But Yain's telephone attention (I think it is spelled like that) - Tuesday 24 August 10 am.Call to confirm my appointment.She was very rude when it came to answering, she had asked if she knew who she was (my name) her. Normally they call from the place a little before the scheduled appointment.Since she was not going to be able to use the phone during the time they will call me, I did.I think employees like that are not good to have, you feel uncomfortable. I think that if you don't like your job, you shouldn't be there and dedicate yourself to something else.she was so rude that she hung up the call.

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Menta y Canela Nail Salon

2030 Douglas Rd STE 118, Coral Gables

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