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2500 Douglas Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33134
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  • Cindy M.
    Dec 2021

    I have driven by this place for years and never went in until today! My feet hurt so bad that I would've driven to wherever for a foot massage and this place was highly rated. What a Wonderful surprise. Just left, feeling like a new person. Kevin was absolutely fabulous. Truly a miracle worker. Highly recommend. I'll be back after Christmas (although they are open on Christmas!). This was my first time but now that I've discovered this jewel, it will not be my last.

  • Marie M.
    Nov 2021

    I absolutely loooooove this place and Tony. He is a magician. Absolutely amazing. Every area where I have ever been in pain is taken care of. All I say is Hi Tony and let him work his magic. He gets so absorbed it feels like he is adjusting a Stradivarius. Had only one other massage before him. Not impressed. Left sore. I have been going to him 8 weeks straight because it is an incredibly healing experience. Will even see you on a Sunday. Can even go without reservation stour owe it to yourself

  • Maria Karla Moret Collazo
    Nov 2021

    Lisa is my favorite, she is amazing súper profesional!!!

  • Thuy Freeman
    Nov 2021

    OMG AMAZING! Some places after when you have a massage will be make your body pain a little bit BUT in here So perfect! We love IT! Good service

  • Andie M.
    Nov 2021

    Loved this place. I have Susan and she was amazing. Perfect pressure point relief. The place is also very clean and nice! Highly recommend. Very affordable!

  • Stef L.
    Nov 2021

    I was SO HAPPY when my acupuncturist recommended this place. I've been driving by it for years and didn't know it's a gem in plain sight! There lobby is a little dark and not too inviting. The process are FANTASTIC! The acupuncturist described it as "dark and creepy" which got me excited as I'm used to this type of massage and didn't know there was one so close to me! *SHEER EXCITEMENT!* Ken's hands are heavenly. It starts with me laying on a recliner bed and my feet in a bucket of hot water. After a few minutes of massaging the front of my shoulders, arms and hands, he takes out my feet and starts massaging below the knees working his way down to my feet. OMG! I'm in heaven! After a blissful 20-25 minutes I'm asked to flip over. He then works on my back and legs. Until he got here I wasn't aware how tight I was and how much he relaxes me! I have lower back issues and hold tension in my left shoulder. EVERY TIME I come here they work out ALL the tension! He then finished of on my shoulders, neck and head! Dear God! This is worth EVERY PENNY and then some! I can't tell you just how AMAZING these massages are! Everyone I've sent here thank me and have become loyal repeat customers! If you are ever in Coral Gables or 30 minutes out I HIGHLY RECOMMEND coming here! #stefsentyou To the owners, thank you for the CONSISTENCY!

  • Laura F.
    Oct 2021

    Susan gave me a fantastic massage! She concentrated on where my back hurts and made all the difference. Great place!

  • Andrew S.
    Oct 2021

    It's a good place to go in a pinch. They do Thai massage where they walk on your back. Price is good but need more pressure.

  • Jade S.
    Oct 2021

    Truly the best for your money/value. I did a couples massage and called to book about two days prior and they were super accommodating! Absolutely amazing and they really listened! We are already planning our next appointment.

  • Robin Kluge
    Sep 2021

    My friend and I tried this foot spa today for the first time . We are avid foot spa goers and this spa was disappointing in more ways then one .Our main objection is that we watched other people get off the beds when their treatment was completed and were shocked to see the staff simply fold the towel that they just used on someone and place it back on the bed for the next person . They smoothed the towel where you lay your head and the bedding you actually lay on . One attendant used a fabrize type spray to " freshen " the bed BUT NO CLEAN FRESH towels were put on the beds after the prior client !Then when you go to pay there is an up charge of $2 for taking Covid Precautions ! Yes there is a thermometer but no one checked anyones temperature . It is horrible that they cut corners and pretend to and charge extra for covid care and protection when in fact they are doing the opposite.The massage was very very mediocre to poor . I felt like he was not knowledgeable about the foot at all and find it hard to believe be was formally trained . My friend felt like she was being tickled or petted like a dog with a slap here and thereUnfortunately even IF the massage was great due to to lack of protocols for protection of the client I would never go back .If anything the client should SEE that fresh towels are being used . This is like spa protocol 101 !

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