• Tina Marrell
    Oct 2021

    Kim does a great job !

  • Kayla Chen
    Oct 2021

    Can’t say enough good things about this place! Have been coming here for over 10 years, the staff are always so friendly and always do their best to accommodate my nail idea requests. Also always only go to them to get my eyebrows done and their lash extensions technician was very professional and did a great job!

  • Ms. Angie H (MsAngieH)
    Oct 2021

    Eyebrow wax, perfect!! Friendly staff, no wait time we went early. Full staff.

  • Laur P.
    Sep 2021

    I got a simple french tip design for acrylics and they totally messed up the application. The nails were chunky and thick. They fell off after only 5 days. I have never had my nails fall off that fast. Not to mention, it ripped off 2 of my real nails. I advise not to go here. The service is sloppy and messy

  • Ashley Vogel
    Jul 2021

    Love them!!!! They ate always the best! Everything they do is top notch!!!!

  • Chan
    Jul 2021

    Beautiful Nail Salon. Had a relaxing and pampering time! Will be going back!♡

  • Susan SC
    Jul 2021

    Great service!

  • Katie G.
    Jul 2021

    I am so dissapointed. After going here before Covid and once restrictions were lifted and really enjoying the experience, the last 3 times I went the manicure/pedicure was less then stellar. The first time, for my 50th I got a gel manicure and reg pedicure. I went to the store afterwards and my gel nail polishe came off one nail. I went back and they fixed it along with 3 other nails that were bubbled. Ok... simple mistake girl was new, I let it slide. Next time I went I got a regular mani pedi. This person was REALLY new and I knew he was not doing things in the right order, but I just grinned and went along my merry way. At closer look he didn't do my cuticles on my toes and there were spots on the tips that were not covered in polish. So I figure one more shot. I am going to the shore for the week, I will do a regular pedicure and gel manicure. I even said please don't give me someone new. They didn't but I went on Friday and by Sunday the gel was chipping. I fully recognize that I have small nail beds, but for the money, a gell should last more than 2 days. It has before. I called on Saturday when I go back and they were friendly (never said sorry, but friendly) and told me to come in the next day and to ask for the owner and they will fix it. By this point there is not a chip of gel left on my nails, so I decide let me just get a regular manicure. UMMMMMMMM - this did not happen. I sat down with my ridged nails (because that is what happens when your gel chips off) and he files to shape them and then goes to put polish on them. I was like wait are you not doing my cuticles? Are you not going to buff them. He speaks to the manager, I of course do not know what is said) and she says you just want regular polish right? I said yes, but I want a maniucure shouldn't he at least buff them? Again some words are exchanged, he buffs my nails and then says wash my hands like he is going to start polishing. I walked out. I can do that on my own. I would not be writing this if it was not 3 times in a row. The customer service is going down hill as is the quality of the work. So disappointed I have recommended this place over and over again.

  • Stephanie S.
    Jul 2021

    Hannah was awesome. Best spa pedicure I've had in a really long time. Gel polish was done beautifully.

  • Marissa Vitello
    Jul 2021

    I recommend everyone to La Bella! Queenie is my girl and my go to! I love all the employees, they all interact with you and make it a comforting experience. I never have any issues!

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