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  • Makenna Settle
    Jan 2023

    I can not say more good things about this place I always go to Henry to get my acrylics and he does it perfectly every time all I have to do is show him a picture or tell him what I want and he does it. Very good place!Service: Acrylic nails

  • Hannah Painter
    Nov 2022

    Helen did an amazing job and was very personable! I waited for a bit after my appointment time but I didn’t mind, there was a little rush so I understand also because the quality and accuracy of the work was perfect!!!Services: Nail designs

  • Nathalie Avila
    Oct 2022

    So I normally love this place, Crystal was amazing! This time she wasn’t available because of a booking issue even though I always make appointments with her. The lady that did my service was so messy! Then she would cut off my skin with a cuticle cutter everywhere she made a mistake. She overfiled my thumb so it looks super crooked. There was hardened dip powder all under my nails that I’ve been picking at to get removed. How convenient that they don’t do refund. Management is a joke.

  • anna s
    Oct 2022

    Daisy is as wonderful as everyone says. This is the third nail salon I've tried in Longmont over the past few months and I definitely found the one I'll be returning to. I'll review Contempo and Designer on their own pages but it was such a relief to find a space I didn't feel crammed into or hurried into something I didn't want. I always make appointments and this was the only salon that didn't keep me waiting an additional 10-15 min - she sat me down immediately. Daisy is sweet and very pleasant to be around including her gentle efficiency. She was quick while also being extremely detail-oriented and ensuring I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you Daisy!

  • Brittany Spoolstra
    Sep 2022

    Good service.Dip nails did not include cuticle clean up (very disappointing). Artist copied the photo I brought in and was accommodating to my request. More expensive then I would've expected (extra for white lines added). A few times the nail drill hit my skin (ouch!). Overall, I am satisfied with my nails and would consider returning. Thanks lush!

  • Elizabeth G.
    Sep 2022

    I've been going here for a while off and on. Always had been satisfied but today was disappointed. Had a pedicure and basic manicure. I asked tech to be careful with my foot because of a surgery and an injury and her boss explained it to her. She was careless and my foot swelled. As for my manicure the technician used a full nail clipper. She clipped and when it wouldn't cut she would pull and rip the nail loose and I said nope that is dull and she didn't care. I should have asked for another tech my bad. Before she polished my nails with clear polish she buff one hand and not the other and when I got home I used my buffer to smooth the edges otherwise I'd have snags on my clothes. One more thing, she poked my finger with the tip of the clipper. Never had seen her there before and I not sure I'll go back, but if I do I'll make sure not to use her. I used to do nails but I like others who know what their doing to be more careful and clean. Dull instruments are usually dirty....just saying.

  • Harley R.
    Sep 2022

    After 5 years of going to the same place, my mom and I decided to try something new because of the poor service we were getting elsewhere. We both have been coming to Lush Nails and we both see Daisy who does an AMAZING job. Her nails last 3-4 weeks, even for long nails (which is unheard of.) She does them perfectly every time. Each nail is very smooth, absolutely no bumps. I can honestly say I have never had nails this amazing and perfect before. I get compliments all of the time. She is fast, gentle, and always polite to us. She can do a full set in under an hour, even with designs. She makes us feel welcome. I was so nervous to switch nail techs, but after years of being unhappy, I am so thankful that my mom and I finally found someone as amazing as Daisy.

  • Joanna Goll
    Sep 2022

    I used to be loyal to designer nails, but tried lush nails one time when design couldn’t get me in. I LOVE lush, the last two times I’ve went Daisy has been my nail tech. This time I had a picture from Pinterest, and Daisy nailed it!Service: Dip powder

  • Amanda H.
    Aug 2022

    It took the girl only 15 minutes to do a full set on me and they look terrible. They look lifted and started chopping around the edges after 2 days and lookedb like they were a week grown out the day I got them. Do not go here there have to be better nail salons in Longmont

  • Stefanie Morong
    Jul 2022

    So I've been to this place 3 times now. The first time Maria was amazing and I had an excellent experience and that was what brought us back. The 2nd time which was more recent, I got a pedi and mani both gel. It was pretty sloppy but we were like whatever we just won't come back. THE NEXT DAY THE GEL CAME OFF 2 fingers and another was cracked. They graciously fixed it and though it was another sloppy job (gel on my skin and the gel sealed the fingernail to my skin) I just said whatever. About another day later my toes and the same two fingers they just fixed the day before started peeling. At this point I just went elsewhere to have a new pedi/mani done. I was shocked at how bad everything was staying on since my first experience there with Maria, it had stayed on the full 2 months with just new growth present. Maria was not there the 2 other times when we were in and I think she moved onto some place better since she said she worked there everyday and the 2 different times I went in she was not there.I will add for my friend who is a nurse was scared she was going to get an infection from her visit due to her cuticles getting cut and blood would not stop (even an hour after we got home they were still had to hold pressure on them bleeding) . She got dip done and she said the lady never had her wash her hands during that time there was blood nor did she do anything about the blood. After getting home did she think of all the other guests that had not washed their hands and had blood dipped into the nail dip before her and who will continue to have that done to them...Not safe. She also said she did not recieve any type of massage...the lady just soaked her in oil and walked away.Services: Gel manicures

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