• Lori Hernandez
    Dec 2021

    It's always packed which is definitely good to see, but I don't know how easy it is to walk in with out an appointment.

  • Maija Valdez
    Dec 2021

    I got a full set and a pedicure before my trip to Florida and they never disappoint. I was so happy and feeling beautiful when I left. I will always be back.

  • Essie Long
    Nov 2021

    My first experience here was great, the guy that did my nails did exactly what I wanted. I went back in yesterday for a new set and had a different nail artist. I originally wanted a rebase, she said the color I wanted was going to require a whole new set, totally fine. However, she pryed my acrylics off with a nail tip and cuticle cutters , which was pretty painful. She cut across my thumb nail about half way up all the way through. It made me bleed and all she did was say “sorry I’m pretty new” and continued to do my nails. The experience was just not pleasant the 2nd time around. Sad because I really like this place,But I don’t know if I’ll be back.Update: I tried this place again and am very satisfied with my nails!! Will definitely keep coming in!!Service: Acrylic nails

  • Kelley Glenn
    Oct 2021

    Super friendly and always leave my nails looking great!

  • Heidi S.
    Oct 2021

    Came on a nail date with my friend and Mike did wonderful so so happy!! Thank you!! Definitely my new go to, there's multiple nail artist here!!

  • Patricia Harman
    Oct 2021

    Peter was awesome! I love my nails.

  • Dolly Tt
    Sep 2021

    Don’t come here if you’re black or brown. Lady refused to fix my broken nail, even though I called ahead. Nobody in there seemed to want to work or make any money. Avoid at all costs!!

  • Dayna L.
    Sep 2021

    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I went in for just a walk in gel manicure and I am so happy with my nails. I have never left a nail salon this happy before. I showed my gal a picture and she copied it perfectly! I will definitely be back again!

  • Bae Suicide
    Sep 2021

    Came in yesterday as a walk in, I got a pedi & these cute acrylic nails w adorable lil nail art. Everyone was kind, the customers were joking with their technicians. It was a comfortable and relaxing experience, I felt like I didn’t have to keep to myself & be quiet. The person who did my nails, Mike, took the time to make sure they were even & straight - which was a first for me (usually one comes out crooked because of my anatomy). I didn’t ask for an easy design as a walk in especially. So I am THRILLED with how they came out.I also feel like it is perfectly okay for them to speak in their native language - as this is Net Nails’ business & not mine, I want everyone working there to be comfortable and not dying of boredom!I would say that if they offered coffee or water while getting services done, it would be perfect!I will be coming back here regularly!Services: Nail art

  • Alyssa N.
    Aug 2021

    First of all I would like to say that I wrote a review on google and they deleted it, which makes me wonder how many more bad reviews they've deleted. Instead of reaching out to me and trying to make the situation better they decided to just delete my review. I asked for off white nails. Off white I kept saying off white. I also showed the picture of what I wanted to multiple of the workers. They put a clear coat on my nails instead of off white so I asked for an off white not clear. She told me they only had off white for acrylics which I'm not sure why they didn't tell me this from the beginning. I'm just really upset because this is my favorite nail place but normally Peter does my nails and he is the only one I haven't had issues with. The picture on the left is the color I got. After she did the clear I asked to just do a different color and the color I picked out was white with a tint of yellow. When she put it on my nails it was orange. My nails were supposed to be off white and they were neon orange. She clearly knew I was upset and didn't care. Also I did peel them off that's why the middle finger is kind of peeled. I guess they only care about a dollar amount rather than making sure their customers are satisfied and got what they asked for. I peeled my nails off while I was waiting for my friend and they were just pointing at me about it and didn't care to ask if there was an issue and I was so upset.

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