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  • Hanna Waugh
    Jul 2022

    I used to love going to Frisco Nail. I don’t know what’s changed in the last 6 months, but the customer service has become awful. I booked a pedicure for me and my niece today. We showed up on time and sat for 45 minutes without anyone helping us. Then one of their tech used the bowl that they told me to sit at to dump someone else’s dirty pedicure water in, absolutely soaking my feet in dirty water. At that point, I just left. I’ve never been so grossed out and disappointed. I won’t be returning.

  • Jen Barham
    Jun 2022

    I felt compelled to leave a review after this. I had a gel manicure with Mai, and he rushed through my nails so fast. It didn’t feel so good. I had to correct him twice because he didn’t get the gel he was using the wrong products. He kept complaining he couldn’t breathe in his mask making noises, and I wanted to be like, “Is this your first day wearing a mask?!” He told me to be careful, as he was the one rushing, and told me a gazillion times how much cuticle skin I have. Yeah cool GOT IT MAI. Sorry I’m not this mean but this dude shouldn’t be doing nails. My nails don’t look awful but they don’t look great either. I’m here on vacay so won’t be coming back next time!!

  • Sheri Paul
    Jun 2022

    I have been going to Frisco Nails for as long as they've been open, and always had the best experience of anywhere in Summit County. I'm just a standard "mani/pedi" girl so not reviewing on dips or shellack or nail art.Did this business sell to a new owner or something? Since I was here a few months ago (was traveling), they have really gone downhill. All the staff is new. Almost all guys who don't seem to really care about what they're doing (looking out the window, absent-mindedly talking to each other and looking at their phones while supposedly doing my nails).I made an appointment and Andy was assigned to me, and our communication was challenging due to a lack of English on his part (I asked to speak to someone who could translate about pedicure options). He worked on my cuticles and filing on my right foot and then he was going to polish! I had to tell him that he'd missed my left foot altogether. I asked for the "cheese grater" on my feet and to spend some extra time on the bottoms of my feet (which I was willing to pay extra for, and their pedicure options weren't clear on which would be right for me - I never found out).When I arrived home and the polish was dry, I checked out the job and my feet felt like sandpaper, not smooth at all. Plus for both the manicure and pedicure, Andy massaged my forearms and calves, but not my feet or hands AT ALL! It was so odd. I finally asked him to stop on my arms - it hurt just having the same motion over and over on something that doesn't feel good. No lotion on my hands or on my feet - or oil or anything to moisturize. I also didn't notice any soap or anything put in the water for soaking - which is kind of required, isn't it?Now I'm perplexed - did I just get a rookie tech that was made nervous by my asking the owner to translate options? Or did the whole place go downhill? I suspect it was just this tech - hope so, because I like the place. But the vibe is entirely different. Too bad ...Services: Manicures

  • Maria Callaghan
    Feb 2022

    Visited this location to get a dip manicure. Love how the color turned out but the nail stylist cut me 5 times during the process, 3 enough to scab over and after the first time told me to relax ?. I asked for a bandaid when I went to pay and mentioned I was cut 5 times, they got the bandaid and charged $50 plus tip. Additionally, one of the nails chipped one day later. Had a friend with a positive experience here. Seems very hit or miss.

  • Denise Becker
    Feb 2022

    It was ok. Clean building. I made an appointment for 2:30pm. Didn't get started till 45 after. Didn't receive the pedicure I requested. Just received a basic one. Booked a mani-pedi but they forgot about my Mani, so I just said oh well paid for my Pedi and left.

  • Meaghan Burnes
    Jan 2022

    My nails looked great when I walked out, but by the next morning looked cracked and dull. By day 3 were flaking off, which - in my experience - is not normal for gel nails. Also, he did not seem to clean tools between uses. Not worth the price at all

  • Christina Jacobson
    Jan 2022

    So…I am writing this on behalf of my best friend. We went to Frisco nails for gel manicures. The receptionist was not masked, but the nail techs were.I had my old gel removed and replaced without any issue. I did notice the emory boards were not new…but otherwise the manicure went on without a problem.My friend, on the other hand…her fingers were bleeding from the manicure. There are ways to correct hang nails without causing trauma. She asked to wash her hands to remove the blood, but her tech said she should wash later as he brushed her nail bits into her cuts. Also he did not use clean instruments! Then, the color she chose was not what came out of the bottle. And they said it was because she was pale, but this was straight up pumpkin colored when she requested a wine color.Finally they removed everything…and still charged her a manicure fee despite messing up horribly…Do not recommend…Service: Gel manicure

  • Cathy Cope
    Nov 2021

    Awesome experience! The people were great...they answered questions provided some good advice and excellent service. I received a very relaxing pedicure and great manicure with gel dip polish. I would recommend this salon.

  • jaymie dulski
    Oct 2021

    Nails turned out awesome!!Pedicure sucked and didn’t even get a massage. I got regular pedicure with gel polish and the guy cut my toe nails way too short and made them look like circles, ( my toe nails were super long prior to this because I always get gel)BUT—- my nails are my absolute favorite they have ever been. Be sure to ask about pricing though because this cost me $25 extra for design which I feel is definitely high but at least they look great!Services: Manicures

  • Holly Cross
    Oct 2021

    I had a fantastic dip manicure by tam yesterday. This is my first time using frisco nails. I own a hair salon in the county and the cleanliness, professionalism, and quality was equal to my expectations in my own salon.

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