• Olivia H.
    Sep 2021

    I was apart of a smaller bridal party coming to get our nails done the day before the wedding. The bride called, made appointments and confirmed we would be arriving. We get there, and the second we walk in it is very clear they do not want us there. We were made to feel extremely unwelcome, and like we were wasting their time. They barely talked to us, did not ask what we wanted. We then waited over 45 minutes for our pedicures to start (the ones we made an appt. for). During the pedicures they made it very clear they did not want to do our nails, and had us all panicking it wasn't going to happen the entire time. (Keep in mind the wedding was the next day and they KNEW that). Fast forward, we finally make it to the nail chair. My nail tech answered his phone FIVE times. Leaving me to sit and stare at the wall for a good 5-10 minutes each time. As if that's not unprofessional enough... Every. Single. One. Of us came out bleeding. I have gotten my nails done for YEARS and have never seen so many cuts at once. Not only was I bleeding, he tried to hide it...and pretend it didn't happen. After that fiasco he cut my nails WAY too short without asking me, and changed the shape. (Not a huge deal, but after everything else I was on the verge of tears...with bloody cuticles). Once I was done, I walked up to pay. (I noticed the price he told me was WAY more than what their price list a good 40 dollars). I then realized he was "up-charging" me. By this point I was so uncomfortable, upset, and exhausted I just paid, and left. Well, my friends were still in the salon to pay. My lovely nail tech proceeded to scream/announce to the whole building that I was a horrible person and did not tip, all the while pointing at me outside...well needless to say my friends didn't tip either. Long story short, if you love rude, unprofessional, unfriendly, and downright weird staff? This is your place! However, if that's not the case? Save yourself the future therapy visit you will surely have to attend, if you decide to go to this salon. -5/10 would absolutely NOT recommend.

  • Taylor B.
    Sep 2021

    Honestly, I'd give 0 stars if I could. I don't normally write negative reviews about places, but I'm honestly baffled at how bad our experience was. It took me a couple days to write because I had to make sure it wasn't a bad dream or a hallucination I had because of the altitude. The experience was a mess from start to finish. Three of my friends and I were in town for one of the girl's wedding. She made an appointment on the phone for 5 manicures and a pedicure, but the woman she spoke to kept ignoring her request for a pedicure. We called back later to add another pedicure and they said they had no record of a pedicure. We were told the pedicures were added. When we arrived for our appointment, the entire staff acted like we weren't supposed to be there and like our business was an inconvenience even though our appointment was very clearly listed in the appointment book. They tried to separate us for the pedicures and did separate us for our manicures. The bride chose a pedicure that included a massage, and apparently that means hitting her legs with a fist so hard that I could here him making contact across the spa. He then came over to do my pedicure. He barely spoke to me and didn't use cuticle remover gel. Three of my toes bled. However, about two minutes into my manicure, he asked me if my hair was real. (I have colorful hair.) When I said yes, he seemed pleasantly surprised and then started asking me questions about myself. When I mentioned the city I lived in, he began talking about gang violence and said the N-word to me while sharing racist sentiments three times, even though I expressed that I didn't agree and that I was uncomfortable with the conversation. He later told me that I had "hairy arms like a strong man." To top off the experience, I had a nail chip within a day and got a hang nail within two days. They made 3/4 of us bleed on more than one finger/and or toe. Two of us have chips and one of the girls who got gel nails has an entire nail's worth of polish gone already. The bathroom also had 0 paper products.

  • Molly Downing
    Sep 2021

    When I called to schedule an appointment for my bridal party and I over my bachelorette weekend, the lady on the phone was very friendly and accommodating. When we got there, we each got seen (had to wait a little longer than expected but that's not unusual). A few of my friends had great experiences and their nails looked amazing! However, I chose a dip color, and when they put it on my nails it was a completely different color than the sample. I waited to say something because I wasn't sure if it was just the lighting or the top coat would change it. When I did say something, both the staff members I spoke to were very rude and dismissive, told me I would have to pay full price to change it, and that the color was correct (despite not even being in the same family as the sample). By the end, i was really just trying to urge them to update their sample, but they pretty much told me it was my fault for not saying something sooner, and there was nothing they could do. The color was also all over my skin, and the nail tech didn't ask what shape or length I wanted. I'm not one to confront staff or even write negative reviews, but I really felt strongly about their poor customer service and I do not recommend going here.

  • Kristin Day
    Sep 2021

    I just had yet another fantastic mani-pedi! The staff here are always very accommodating, pleasant and professional. I love how my favorite manicurist gets creative and fun with accent nails! This is the only place I’ll go to get my nails done.

  • Amy Nibert
    Aug 2021

    We went there as a large wedding party, 11 people, we had a reservation. We were quickly worked on so that was nice. But they asked my friend (who is Vietnamese) if she understood Vietnamese, and she lied and said no. She listened to their conversations, and they were talking bad about everyone in our party and anyone in the store. They talked about charging us extra because we looked rich. So I recommend anyone going there to know the price and double check each person in their party because they may just make up prices on the spot. Very unprofessional.Services: Pedicures

  • Cynthia R.
    Aug 2021

    I was concerned that not all operators (or clients) wore masks. This salon was like 2 parallel universes - the nail technicians who spoke loudly to each other in Vietnamese from station to station and the clients who were essentially silent. I received a competent standard manicure ($23), but because of the atmosphere I would not go there again.

  • Jessica Sandoval
    Aug 2021

    I’m in love with my nails! Louis has been doing my nails for over 2 years now, he’s fast, efficient and always makes me laugh! Next time you visit Frisco Nails ask for him!

  • Janet M.
    Aug 2021

    Don't go! The worst manicure and pedicure of my life. Cost a fortune and a horrible job. My feet are still rough! I had to come home and take off my polish it looks so bad! Awful experience and too expensive for what you get!

  • Melissa Hefner
    Aug 2021

    My pedicure looked great! Super clean. It does get busy and like any salon sometimes you need to wait a little for your appointment.

  • Devyn L.
    Aug 2021

    The worst nail salon I've been to. The man who did my nails was very aggressive and rough, I was thinking he's probably going to accidentally hurt me with a tool. It seemed like he was on coke or something. He filed the side of my nail so hard it took off some polish, felt like a bad paper-cut. He apologized and eased up but even the gel was a bad job. It looks like a child did it. When it came time to pay he pressured me to Venmo or use cash, I couldn't use either and he kept me there for 5 minutes asking if I could go get cash. Needless to say I will not Ever be back.

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