• Sarah
    Sep 2019

    I really hate to leave a bad review. But I feel this should be said. This salon is nice, cosmetically. It’s beautiful on the inside. I found it online, booked my appt yesterday (9/20) for today at 3pm. Left work and went straight there-arrived about 15-20 minutes early. So 2:40 ish... I walked in and thought this has the be the nicest nail salon in the Yuba-Sutter area. Very nicely decorated, beautiful.

  • Kerri Sharp
    Sep 2019

    Very elegant welcoming place . Very decent price but great service and very friendly staff.

  • Jennifer Kennington
    Aug 2019

    So cute inside. She did a great job on my pedicure. Clean and professional. So glad I tried it. If my next visit is this great, this will be my new place to get my feet done.

  • Laci Clark
    Aug 2019

    I decided to try this new place out, it looked really beautiful and luxurious, also, my normal spot was booked up. The staff were friendly, but the Nail Tech Heather did a horrible job on my nails. I went in for a simple fill and gel polish. She burned me while filing off my previous gel coat, I had to have her adjust the drill numerous times. The fill took her a total of 2 hours. My right hand has zero top coat on it. The acrylic is thick and uneven. I will never go back there again and should have stuck with my nail place. I hate to write a bad review, but I am beyond upset at the amount of time I spent there and have to go have them fixed by my normal shop anyways.

  • Jasmine Zuniga
    Aug 2019

    I’m usually skeptical about getting pedis bc the times I have gone to other places my pedi comes out like something I can do myself. And sometimes I can even do better. This place is amazing. Very beautiful, and peaceful. Liz did my pedi and she took her time (in a good way, as it should be). I loved and still love the end result. It’s been a week and my pedi still looks nice, shiny, my gel hasn’t chipped nor lifted. And i must say it doesn’t look outgrown (she gets really close to the cuticle line or whatever the proper term may be, which is how I like it) I found my new place!!! Liz and her staff are amazing

  • DerrickandAlanna Pressley
    Jul 2019

    very clean everyone was friendly .The owner liz is great .I enjoyed myself the pink luxe salon is my new nail shop thanks ladies

  • Andrea Hernandez
    Jul 2019

    Friendly staff that pays attention to detail and customer.. Great place for a mani

  • Morgan Erin Scotten
    Jul 2019

    Amazing shop- super adorable inside and girls were super sweet!! Great pedicure and great service

  • Paola Gonzalez
    Jun 2019

    In love with this luxurious salon ! Definitely coming back and recommending this to all my friends. Customer service is amazing and very professional !

  • Macy C.
    Jun 2019

    My grandma and I decided to try this place because how new it was and we fell in love!! We went in didn't have to wait they sat us down and started on our nails right away! My grandma is diabetic and as most people know they shouldn't cut their nails to short because they could possibly bleed out. So my grandma lets Kailysha her nail tech know this. She was so nice to my grandma and made her feel reassured she would do only what she can get done! I loved it! They were so attentive and understanding the entire time! Tanya my nail tech was amazing as well she was consist with checking in with me! She made sure I felt comfortable and was always sure in telling me not to be afraid to say if something hurts. I honestly just loved these two they took care of us and made sure we had the best experience. I know a lot of people have complained about the time but I person like that they took their time with me and pampered me! It felt like it was well worth the money!! They did a great job on our nails and made my grandma so happy about her nails. She hasn't had them done in years but they made her feel so good about!! I highly recommend going here!!! I WILL BE BACK!!

  • Rocky P.
    Jun 2019

    I saw this cute little salon read the couple reviews and decided to go there, give them a chance. I asked for a Gel set of nails and a pedicure. I'm assuming the girl who did my nails is new as she didn't seem to know how to apply the gel properly. I get my nails done often and a nail has never broken in a week. Exactly a week later two nails broke of the next day a couple other ones broke. So I had to take them off as I was on vacation and didn't want them to look ugly. I also didn't appreciate the fact that she left acrylic below the mail because she didn't apply them properly and it dripped underneath my nails. She cleaned one but left the rest as is. By that point I hoped she forgot about my pedicure. Because I no longer wanted them done there. As I hope for she charged me and forgot my pedicure since she had asked another client to arrive so I paid said nothing and left to the other new shop by chipotle. The pedicure I got there was amazing! Definitely not coming back.

  • Kessie E.
    Jun 2019

    This place is so so cute! It's clean and and relaxing, but still maintains a fun fresh atmosphere. I wanted to treat my mom to a pedi before her trip and get my set filled. I went to another place weeks before and I wasn't too happy with the shape of the set. The girl cleaned them up and made them look perfect. My mom really enjoyed her pedicure as well. I rebooked and I'm looking forward to coming back! 10/10 would recommend.

  • Vanessa T.
    Jun 2019

    This is a new salon in town. Very clean and pretty. I wanted to try something different so I gave it a chance. I called before going and made an appointment at 4. I get there at 4 I wanted a full set of acrylics and pedicure. As of what they told me they only have 3 girls working they're all new girls starting. She started doing my nails around 4:15 and was finished at 6:20ish. By the time she did my pedicure I left the salon at 7:40. If you're going to go make sure you call in to make an appointment or else you will be waiting for a long period of time. Overall I did like my nails but the girl took a really long time.

  • Aliyah R.
    Jun 2019

    This nail salon looks like sumthin you see in the movies and they do hecka cute nails really recommend it here‼ they go crazy if you love a extra look.

  • Gayel Clayton
    Jun 2019

    I love it here. The owner Liz has created a beautiful salon with quality nail technicians who are very sweet and fun. I definitely recommend this salon for nails.

  • Georgiana W.
    Jun 2019

    I found my happy place!!! I am beyond thrilled!!! So happy!! Pink Luxe! I found you! I live in Yuba City. I never new this fabulous place existed. One of my employees who lives in Hamilton City told me about it!! She comes to YC and has started coming here. So, I thought I'd give it a try since I am having such a hard time finding a SANITARY AND CLEAN nail salon. We'll folks, I found it! GORGEOUS SALON! I walked in w/no appointment. I wasn't told 'you come back 15 minutes' like most places. Lol They asked me to have a seat and then brought me the color guides to pick my colors. They said they would be with me shortly. She called me back in 10 minutes. I didn't mind waiting because the waiting area is GORGEOUS, clean, calming, and classy! The owner, works in the salon. She was doing a pedicure on a guest, which is nice because she is there to make sure quality and cleanliness is being upheld daily. The place is immaculate! Pink and black decor. Very upbeat and classy! Good current pop music playing, great vibes. They offer you something to drink. (I brought my own water because I'm used to the other subpar nail salons not offering anything.) My nail tech was awesome! I paid $37 for a deluxe pedicure and I got 45 minutes worth of sheer bliss! The yummy aromatic choices for foot scrubs were great. The containers they put the scrub lotions in? Perfectly clean and sanitary! No gunk all over the tables, bowls clean, the water tubs they use are perfect and they use the plastic wrap on the tub which is a must for me. I'm not putting my feet in a tub that has other clients epithelial's left over! This Link Luxe salon is going to be HUGE! I've been waiting for so long for something like this! It's here!! They do lashes too and hair. But the core business will be nails because YC is lacking a great nail salon. Don't hesitate!! Go look for yourself! It's nestled in right next to La Superior supermarket on Bridge Street and Gray Ave. You will not regret it! Its a luxury salon well over due for Yuba City! Thank you Luxe Salon!! Never lower your standards! Stay Gold! I mean 'Pink!' The other 'dime a dozen dirty unsanitary salons' might as well close up shop! Pink Luxe is going to take over the nail business here in Yuba City!!

  • Mailena L.
    May 2019

    This is the cutest nail salon I've been too. I love how girly and luxury it is. All the ladies there are super sweet! My daughter and I just needed a mommy and daughters day out and this was perfect. They are definitely my go to from now on.

  • Michelle Jones
    May 2019

    Love this salon!! It’s my new favorite place to go. The ladies are amazing and so nice. The best part is they are vary clean, and sanitation is a big deal.

  • Abby Arenas
    Apr 2019

    It’s ADORABLE inside. The ladies are super friendly and sweet! The offered us drinks as soon as we arrived! They did a beautiful job on my pedicure!

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