• Aurora P.
    Dec 2021

    I went here to get my nostril and septum pierced, but only came out with the pierced nostril and a partially pierced septum. Luckily the nostril was done first and was quick and easy. So far it's healing well and I like the jewelry. I got a tiger eye labret. When it was time for the septum, it was the complete opposite. The piercer tried twice to get through my septum and it would not go through. It was a lot more pain and pressure while trying to push the needle in. After the 2nd attempt the clamp was removed from my nose and blood rushed down my face. They apologized and said it had never happened to them. I wasn't charged for the septum piercing and they gave me their card for me to come back and try again when I was ready. I've never had plastic surgery and I don't have a deviated septum. Maybe they were in the wrong spot trying to go through cartilage or maybe the clamp used at the time was not lining up, and that's why the needle wasn't going through. Either way it hurt and I wasn't about to keep having them try to force it through my nose. Instead, I went to another piercer at a different shop, had them check my nose and I was able to get my septum piercing done with no issues after my nose had some time to heal.

  • Lisa S.
    Nov 2021

    Jessi was great! Very good at calming down my daughter who was a little nervous about getting her septum pierced. Everything was nice and clean. I would highly recommend her! I really liked that she wore a mask. I appreciated that more than you know.

  • Alyssa J.
    Nov 2021

    My review has nothing to do with the piercer, love the job he did. But it has everything to do with the pricing of the jewelry.. he told me 80 plus cost of jewelry. In my head I'm guessing like 120 at most plus tip. It was very crowded and I'm the only one wearing a mask lol but fast forward- I'm standing behind the register as they are ringing up each ball and bar and it came out to $231. I asked why so much? And they said they use premium metals that won't get infected. I swallowed the bill and in the end I'm really happy, I got both nipples pierced and they look great. Again, nothing on the piercer, he did an amazing job. But if I had known how much it would be in the end, I may have gone to the other places charging 120 for the whole thing. Can't add photos but they look great!

  • Mike Lopez
    Nov 2021

    I had a tattoo applied to my right forearm by Ian. I’ve had several tattoos done locally and out of state and my experience at Ventura Tattoo and Piercing was the very best. Ian drew up a precise piece I requested as a tribute to my time in the Marine Corps along with a quote from a fallen brother. His experience over the years allowed him to modify certain parts that added more depth to the significance of its meaning. I can’t say enough about his expertise and professionalism as well as the professionalism of the rest of the staff and the cleanliness of their artwork and business. I have been waiting five years to get this piece and couldn’t have imagined a better experience. I owe Ian a lot of gratitude and I will return over and over. I highly recommend Ventura tattoo and am willing to bet any future customers will say the same.

  • or kaufman
    Sep 2021

    C.J is the king ?I walked in to get one tattoo, C.J helped me right away He was very Professional on point and knew exactly what I’m looking to do.He is clean and very pleasant to work with, made me feel like home.After we finished the first one I ended up getting another one, he did such an awesome job I come back the next day to get two more and I will come back for more with him!new ink looks great, Thank you C.J ??Service: Tattoos

  • Savannah Chapman
    Sep 2021

    Jesse was awesome. My husband watching jumped more than I did (which was not at all).

  • Darlene A.
    Sep 2021

    Me and my husband went to Ian to get a infinity symbol with our initials and the year of our marriage. He did a wonderful job with the lines and we love the way he did the numbers and initials. Love our tattoos......Thank you, Ian

  • Sadie C.
    Sep 2021

    I brought my daughter in for a nose piercing. The staff is friendly and professional. Jessie is awesome!! She explained the procedure thoroughly and understandably. She immediately put my daughter at ease. (My daughter was a lot more nervous getting a freaking Covid shot!!) Be sure to ask for her she is the best. In and out within 15 minutes or so. The facility is clean and well organized. I have a feeling I'll be back several more times bc her sister now insists on getting one. Did I mention Jessie is awesome???

  • A cheryl schneider
    Aug 2021

    Danny is a great tattoo artist & Ventura tattoo is great place to go.

  • Mark Bowman
    Aug 2021

    Ventura Tattoo & Piercing is a Beautiful Shop, Extremely Professional and houses some of the Best Tattoo Artists in the Tri-County area. I highly recommend Rob Hill aka Rob Hill Tattoos. I’ve seen phenomenal work from this gentleman as well as tattooing with both hands at the same time. This mans got talent!!!

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