• Vannessa Haxton
    Dec 2021

    I showed a design and was told they could do. I wish places didn't do that if they truly can't do it. Was charged over $100 for something that wasn't delivered. And when I said I wasn't satisfied the owner told me no they looked fine.

  • Wendy Daniels
    Oct 2021

    I need hip replacement surgery and I can't bend down to cut my toe nails. They were so nice to me and cut them at no charge. Thank you so much Encrore.

  • Megan A.
    Oct 2021

    Please DO NOT go here. I am not one to leave one star reviews but my experience here was so terrible. I came in for a mani/pedi with my best friend. We came in on our appointment time and waited for an additional 20 minutes as they were busy. The pedicure I had was terrible. My skin was clipped multiple times, one time so much so that it would not stop bleeding and the man doing my pedicure aggressively rubbed white powder into the cut to make it stop bleeding. My manicure was the same thing. Four out of my ten fingers were clipped with one bleeding so much that it needed powder as well. The salon itself was incredibly dirty and I was very worried about infection. My finger nails were shaved down so much that once the gel polish was applied and sitting under the light, my fingers felt like they were on fire. My fingers and toes ached for days where the skin been clipped. Please save yourself the pain.

  • Erika L.
    Oct 2021

    I don't like to leave bad reviews but they fucked my left toe nail up. It hurts really bad and it's been bleeding. I will contact Mindy to ask for professional on my toe. Even my new full set they made me bleed. Mindy knew her tech screwed up and didn't do anything accommodating to me

  • Andrea R.
    Sep 2021

    I come here twice a month & they never disappoint. I take any nail tech available & they're all very good, but Tracey & mindy are my go-to girls. they take me walk in every time. environment is very clean & welcoming.

  • Roklyn Leighton
    Sep 2021

    Worst place ever. Kenny was the technician cut my hands and toe nails uneven on top of making every toe and fingernail bleed from cutting the cuticles. Worst experience ever will never go back. Staff is beyond rude and feels like they don’t know what they are doing. They don’t change there instruments out either when moving onto the next customer.

  • Cathy A.
    Aug 2021

    They did a great job with my full set of nails and pedicure. I got the deluxe pedi which comes with a scrub and hot towel treatment along with callous removal. I went with French tip gel. I was very happy with the results. I went in with a pic of how I wanted my nails to look and they matched it perfectly. I was extremely impressed with the results. My only critique would be that there are some sharp edges on some of the nails which I'll need to file down when I get home.

  • Camille M.
    Aug 2021

    Tracy did my pedicure and she was wonderful. (Which is why I gave them 2 stars instead of one.) Now, I have never left a bad review before, but the manicurist cut 4 of my cuticles until they bled. Even worse: he did not apologize or even acknowledge it. He applied styptic powder to stop the bleeding...which would have been fine...but he used the same tool he was just using to clean underneath my nails to scoop up the powder and pressed it into my bleeding cuticle with an ungloved hand. So unsanitary! I told him it hurt and he told me to relax. At the end of the manicure I showed my manicurist my cut cuticles. I asked him to be careful (due to high risk of staff infection). He laughed. The way he handled this situation from start to finish makes me think that this is a common occurrence. Proceed with caution.

  • Hailey C.
    Aug 2021

    Terrible service, do not know how to properly apply acrylics, hurt their customers then talk shit about them. my lady burned my fingers because she was in such a rush she applied way too much primer then didn't let it dry all the way and started applying the acrylic powder. I told her how much it burned and she didn't know what to do. Then one of the other workers told her to put alcohol spray on it. She blamed it on me and told me my nails are too thin when this was only my first fill. I told her it was because she put too much primer because I looked it up on my phone and she said oh maybe. They still charged me $50 for a fill after all that. Will never go back. They also started lifting not even a week later and one of them fell off after only 8 days. Very rude and unprofessional.

  • leigha s.
    Aug 2021

    As much as I want to leave 2 stars because there are probably people here that do a good job... I can't because no one there spoke up. I called ahead to see if they could take me in 15 minutes because my regular place was closed and I wouldn't have time during the week to get a fill and a pedicure. They said sure come in. When I got there they sat me. There were 7 people working with about 4 clients so I thought "this is good, I won't be here for hours". I was wrong. As soon as I sat down three customers came in and asked if they had time. They said yes and sat them i waited so long my feet were raisins. in the middle of my nails she got up to help the people who came after me and she didnt ecven let me know ..I let it go because someone else was Doing my toes. Then she came back and I told her if she could please cut and file. She cut them so short without asking. But I was like whatever. And then they were filed so crooked and uneven I kept waiting for her to fix it and she never did so I politely asked her to. (I still had to file my own nails when I got home). As I was getting frustrated, I noticed three people working there were just walking around on their phone or talking to each other. The 3 customers that came in after me were getting impatient as well. I just can't stand when nail salons take me, leave me, Go to other people. And it takes hours. They also never said a word to me unless I spoke to them first. Didn't ask what kind of pedicure, no hello, didn't ask me the color. When the girl finally finished my crooked manicure I sat there not knowing it was done. Another girl came and did the top clear coat. When I paid they asked for tip and I said 5$ and she said each and I said no because I had horrible service. i usually tip 10$ each at my regular. WE ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS AND THEY ARE WORKING. If its busy its not time to be chatting and eating. NEVER GOING BACK.

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