• Jessie Z.
    Dec 2021

    dyed my hair there and got the color i wanted, will be returning again. The price here is good, support small business.

  • Bing Liu
    Nov 2021

    Price went way up to 15, now!

  • Greg Gonzales
    Oct 2021

    Good haircut well priced!

  • Luis R.
    Sep 2021

    I called to make an appointment and they told me to come in at 2:10 . Once I arrived they just ignored me and took another customer ahead of me . Why make someone an appointment if you're not going to respect it .

  • Caleb K.
    Aug 2021

    TLDR; overall excellent experience, a little pricy for me but glad to support small businesses. :) Cool Cuts isn't where I usually go to get my haircut, but since the usual was closed, I decided to try this place out. I'm a simple guy who likes a simple hairstyle, so I ask for a 2" on the sides, and a trim on top. I wasn't able to catch her name, but the barber cut it to perfection. The sides were neat, the top was just how I usually liked it. It wasn't that long of a wait either. You can set an appointment or walk in. I did a walk in and left with my haircut in under 30 minutes (one person ahead of me). The downside to this is that it's pretty pricy. My usual is $10 + tip; here it's $15 + tip. I guess it's worth it if you want to get a little fancy and ask for a fade or something, but if not, you might have more interest looking at a different salon.

  • Anthony T.
    Jul 2021

    I've been coming to Cool Cuts for just over 18 months now and it has been a pretty decent experience every time. The $8 rate (pre-covid) and my simple cuts I could not stress how convenient it is. I wouldn't recommend anyone come in here for anything other than a cut or trim as they frequently change out employees every few weeks or so. Now they're charging $12-15 and I'm slowly becoming disinterested. It just seems too much for what they offer and I don't know if I could recommend myself or others to keep coming to Cool Cuts unless they were in the area and there was no wait. After all, their interior is never clean and tidy but it never bothered me personally as much as it may someone else. That being said however, they do not mind being meticulous in their work ethic if you need something a little more complex- like a specific fade style or whatnot. They DO care about returning customers and the employees are generally nice.

  • Geath YUMA
    May 2021

    Cheap price comes with cheap quality of service, never again! Major disappointment

  • Danny T.
    Apr 2021

    Hell Yay Cool Cuts! Back story.... I used to get a hair cut every two weeks at my local barber shops and pay anywhere form $25-30 not including tip and wait ridiculous hours, sometimes 4-5 hour wait time. Once in awhile I would make an appointment but even with that I was paying more and still playing the waiting game. I've been coming to Cool Cuts for about 2 years now. When I first found this place I was in shocked that haircuts were $8, yes I said it $8. After about a year Cool Cuts raised the price to $10, yes I said it $10. At that price I went from getting a hair cut every two weeks to weekly and the wait time is never more then 30min. If your looking for something fancy or high end this place is not it, this place is a salon style but very in and out type business. I have seen other stylist give females styles and cuts but I'm always in and out with a quick fade. I have never been disappointed with a cut and trust me when I say I'm and very picky with my hair since I always like to feel and look good :) Cool Cuts is located off a hella busy street and only has street parking available. Sometimes when I'm waiting I'll walk over to Super Pets and pick up some dog treats for my pup :) If you do stop by call or Ask for Jing A.k.A Jean, tell her I sent you. I don't get any discounts but it's always nice to let her know we are supporting small businesses. Cool Cuts is open during this pandemic and requires everyone to wear a mask. SYOY :)

  • Danny Ho
    Apr 2021

    great value and good cuts

  • Addison C.
    Apr 2021

    I can't remember the last time I got a cut for $10, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality was similar to other places that charged anywhere from 20-50. I literally got a very similar cut in Culver City for 50 before tip. You should not expect a 45 minute fancy cut for $10..cmon. But it you want to skip the hot towel while still getting decent cut, then this is a solid spot , at least for dudes.

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