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  • Hiram Duncan
    Aug 2023

    Total Health Clinic keeps me from being in pain and able to function. I don't know what I would do without them.

  • 龙Brenden
    Jul 2021

    Best service i've ever had and first chiropractor I've went to. Nice people super kind and respectful. Upfront and honest about everything. No hidden fees. They will treat you well. I came in to there office broken and they put me back together

  • Jose D.
    Nov 2020

    Where do I start.. When I first met Doctor Dietrich it was because my wife needed to see a chiropractor. She has had migraines since she was young and had exhausted our resources in how to help her more. She had acupuncture, change in diet and the list goes on. Well finally we went to a chiropractor and we saw Doctor Dietrich. From one appointment to the next was life changing for her. It was a night and day difference the migraines stopped it was phenomenal! Now on my end I had bad lower back paint and knee pain and turns out that I had my hip out of place and my back wasn't strait up. It went left and right in different spots. After a few visits with Doctor Dietrich he got my back strait and I could work much more comfortably, as I am a Automotive Tech and I'm on my feet all day. Can't recommend him enough.

  • Eunice Figueroa
    Aug 2020

    Dr. Deitrich is amazing!!! I have been suffering from migraines for 20 years (at the time of writing this, I am 25) and I was always told it came from periods and from what I ate and from everything else. I had tried so many medication, eliminated so many delicious items from my diet and tried acupuncture. Some of these had worked for a while and then they just would not, the migraines would come back with a vengeance. I was exhausted of them and hit a major depression. I found Dr. Dietrich on google and decided to go as a last resort. After 5 visits in 3 weeks, I can say I am FREE! The pain is gone, my periods have changed as a consequence, however, I have never felt better. I am at work and I do not worry about migraines. As a school teacher I have called in sick or left early which is not ideal for 22 students, but this has been the solution I has worked 100%. I have never felt so free and light. I recommend him 12/10 and carry a card with me at all time to refer everyone! Go to Dr. Dietrich, you will not be disappointed!

  • Jim
    Aug 2020

    Dr. Dietrich is an excellent chiropractor. Very skilled with adjustments,as well as his knowledge and background in health and nutrition. He changed my life for the better. He is also very kind and caring with his patients.I very highly recommend Dr. Dietrich!!

  • Stacy Ramirez
    Aug 2020

    I was suffering with chronic migraine and chronic pain when I started coming here. After a few months (I visit every 3 weeks), my pain and migraines are no longer chronic. With physical maintenance and the proper supplements I am back on my feet and working full time again. I recommend all my friends to see Dr. Dietrich all the time.

  • sfdeliveries76
    Aug 2020

    I like going to his office. Both Dr. Dietrich and his assistant Linda are great people and very professional.

  • Eunice F.
    Feb 2020

    Amazing! I have suffered from migraines for 20 years and have tried meds, acupuncture, diets, etc. I went to him as a last resort but truly he should be the first resort. For my consult, he felt my neck and said what could be a problem, however, he would not adjust until I got an x-ray. Once I got the x-ray, it confirmed what he had said and he then decided his plan of action. From the first adjustment, I felt a great difference. From there on, I felt more relief. As my monthly came (which was blamed for my migraines in the past) I had no signs of a migraine coming on. I have not had one in 2 weeks! I had them daily for weeks at a time. It has felt great and Dr. Dietrich is genuinely concerned about his patients and is not trying to crack some backs and get more customers, he really wants to get to the bottom of the issue and find a solution 12/10 highly recommend!!

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