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  • Gabrielle Younts
    Sep 2023

    American Leak Detection was able to get someone out to our new house immediately. Customer service was great and Zach was very thorough in his inspection and explanation.Service: Plumbing leak detection

  • Mel Souza
    Sep 2023

    I had a swimming pool leak and Matt quickly identified the location and followed up with a timely repair.Service: Swimming pool leak detection & repairs

  • Vinnie Verite
    Sep 2023

    Had a leak in my pool, and these guys came out to find it, which was not surprisingly exactly where I told them I had expected it to be. They fried TWO of my GFCI outlets AND a new Pentair controller that were all installed by a licensed electrician barely a month ago, and were perfectly working before they came! Then they had the nerve to tell me that MY outlet fried their compressor! I had my electrician come by right after they left and he confirmed that whatever faulty compressors they plugged into my systems fried two separate outlets and the controller. Even when I called these guys back with my electrician on speaker, he admitted that the controller was working before he plugged in his compressor, which ran for a few seconds, and shut off. This detail he FAILED to mention in the leak report sent a few days later. They charged me $395 to DESTROY my $1000 controller, and my pool is still leaking!

  • Ken Cina
    Sep 2023

    Suspected pool leak after bucket test so I called for an appointment and spoke with a very nice professional person who made an appointment for the same week.Mark called ahead to confirm appointment and arrived on time. He provided a thorough explanation of the test process and then went to work test my entire system thoroughly. He identified the leak and made sure there weren’t any others. He showed me the leak and gave me a card and estimate of cost to repair.I called back and made an appointment for the repair and Mark came out on time and repaired the leak with a thorough explanation of the process.It has been more than a week since the repair and I am no longer losing water.While it was much more expensive than I expected, I feel it was worth the money spent for the peace of mind knowing that my 20 year old pool was fixed properly and had no other issues.I believe that I received what I paid for and would definitely call them again.

  • rob padilla
    Aug 2023

    From customer service, booking an appointment and having Matt come out for a leak detection service was an easy and amazing smooth process. Matt did an amazing job on educating me on my pool and telling me about my leak. I would highly recommend this company to friends, neighbors and family!Service: Swimming pool leak detection & repairs

  • Parm S.
    Jul 2023

    Do not hire, scammers pure and simple.Charged me $495 to find me a Pool leak. Prior to them coming out, I specifically told them that I worked with the City and determined the leak was related to the Pool Fill Valve. Two guys came out and after less than 90 mins told that there wasn't a leak with any lines but that pool floatie was set incorrectly. Mind you that never has been an issue 15+ plus years. They also said they "tested every pool and spa line" and found no leak. Should have known something was fishy right then.However, the leak was still happening so the City came out and did a leak inspection and determined that the leak was related to the Pool Fill Valve and the was not related at all to the Pool Floatie. You would think that after proven wrong that a good faith company would come out and do the job properly? Nope, not American Leak Detection of Sacramento, they tried say I gave incorrect information at first and then they said that Pool Fill Valve is not actually apart of the Pool Leak inspection, it is actually part of the Home/Main line inspection and that would a different inspection ($$$) all together. How does that even make sense? Then to top it off they offered a hourly rate of $175 to test the Pool and Spa lines again? lol seriouslyTLDR: Don't waste your money or time. These people just want to rip you off.

  • Marissa A.
    Jul 2023

    I've actually called this company twice now. The first time the very knowledgeable and incredibly nice lady who answered the phone walked me through how to do a bucket test with my pool to determine if it was leaking. Low and behold it is our pool leaking and not the sprinklers I suspected. I was able to determine there's a leak related to running the water falls after doing a couple of bucket tests using a couple of different scenarios. I called back with my results and they let me know it will likely be an issue I need to address with a pool builder which is a bummer but I really appreciate their guidance and kindness to get me to this point!

  • CJ Meurell
    Jun 2023

    Very professional, found the leak and repaired it within a short period of time. No muss no fuss, these people are fantastic!Service: Swimming pool leak detection & repairs

  • C.J. M.
    Jun 2023

    I was losing 2 to 3 inches of pool water every few days. The team from American Leak Detection spent a few hours testing all of the lines to/from the pool and within the 3rd hour detected a leak in a side wall return line. They made the repair and provided a full detailed report within the time and budget that was initially provided. I would highly recommend them to detect a leak in your pool....

  • Christine Williams
    Jun 2023

    So professional, the tech Matt was on time, did a thorough check of our pool, no leaks found. Did recommend some very affordable small repairs that we know about already. I had a question a few days later and Matt came right out to address my question. Service, professionalism, conscientious, are top notch.Service: Swimming pool leak detection & repairs

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