• Gregorio Juarez
    Nov 2021

    You made my lady cry, my parents, and today I cried looking at the tattoo.I can't thank you enough.For you, it might have just been another day at the shop.For it was wasn't, it meant a lot.Thank you so much.Service: Tattoos

  • Dave Winn
    Nov 2021

    Stunning shop with absolute incredible, passionate artists.

  • Keren Stevens
    Oct 2021

    My tattoo is on point, my artist was amazing. Will come back for more. Top tier tattoos!

  • Corina R.
    Oct 2021

    I followed Anthony Torok (tattoo artist) to this new location and I will never mind the drive. Shop is clean and so professional, listening to the Owner give consultations he was so knowledgeable and helpful to his clients. I asked for a portrait of my Pup and it came out exactly like him. Anthony even corrected a previous tattoo I messed up just because!!!

  • Nicholas A.
    Oct 2021

    First off, I've been tattooed by Wayne in Boston and it was such a good experience! So many laughs and such a good experience! What could be better than having an A+ experience and getting to leave with a great tattoo!? I don't want to put Wayne on a pedestal or give anyone unrealistic expectations, but the man makes a good tattoo. The lines are in there, the black is in there, and the color is in there. Thats why I decided to make the 3 hour round trip from LA while I'm out here visiting. I got 2 tattoos from Wayne this trip and I'm so happy with them. I just walked in and he was able to take me, which I think should be noted because many shops have done away with accepting walk-ins, but they're a true testament to the tattooers skill and love for their craft. I looked around the shop at all the flash and we talked about ideas and placements. Once we agreed on where, Wayne suggested he draw some of the ideas we discussed right on me to see what looked best. After a few sketches I looked in the mirror and without hesitation knew those were the tattoos I was meant to have in those spots. I was in and out in no time flat and still recieved the care and conversation I've become accustomed to from my last tattoo with Wayne. The shop is so beautiful inside and out! You can tell every inch of that place was really thought out and a labor of love. The walls are SLAMMED with flash, most of it hand painted by the staff, and every tattooer in there is a hitter! I wish I was around longer so I could snag pieces from the whole crew! All in all, If you're anywhere near Unite and Win I highly suggest you make the pilgrimage. You may show up a stranger, but You'll leave a friend.

  • Marcus G.
    Sep 2021

    Great place if your looking for custom traditional work, that is if the artist finds it interesting. My first tattoo here was spot on great line work shading and color. However, my second tattoo was subpar at best by the same artist, Wayne. You could tell he wasn't interested in what I was getting and it reflected in his work. The tattoo looked great afterwards but a few days later it started to blowout. I would recommend this place only if your tattoo peaks the artist interest otherwise don't waste yours or their time.

  • Colin S.
    Aug 2021

    The best tattoo shop in Riverside! All the artists here kill it! Wayne is a master at his craft I love my piece from him! They do walk-ins all the time and knock out anything you throw at them. Highly recommend if you're looking for traditional style tattoos the way they are meant to be done. Go get tattooed here! Wayne, Anthony, and Tony are all amazing and they always have great guest artists rolling in. In riverside and need a tattoo go here!

  • Edwin Paez
    Jul 2021

    Great place to get tattooed. The shop is small and intimate. Super clean and very professional. For all your American traditional needs go to Anthony. Can't go wrong.

  • Aaliyah P.
    Apr 2021

    Shout out to Wayne! The workers here are very friendly and helpful, I will definitely be coming back for future work! 10/10 recommend this shop!

  • Mario Gonzales
    Apr 2021

    Amazing work and great experience

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