• Nancy D.
    May 2020

    I highly recommend the Healing Spa. I have been a customer for over 7 years and as a result have transformed my body, mind and spirit. The services I have received include 5 different body care treatments, (my favorite is a level 5 wrap), healing sessions, remote healing sessions, body care products, energy work/space clearing custom made Sage wands, candles and lip care lip gloss. The spa is bliss. The practitioner Cindy is brilliant and makes magic happen. Thank you Cindy! Thanks Beach Bodyworks-A Healing Spa

  • Jenny D.
    Dec 2019

    I came upon Cindy's IG through one of my colleagues. I took one look at her manifestation wands, and I knew I wanted one for the new moon/new year. Cindy speaks with you directly at a convenient time for both parties to go over your customized purchase. From consultation to delivery, Cindy is with you every step of the way. I had my sage wand shipped on Saturday (during the holiday season) and received my package that Monday. Cindy asks that you contact her when you've received your purchase to go over directions and usage. I can't wait to see what manifests in the new year! Thank you so much Cindy for creating something so beautiful for me. You are truly gifted!

  • Nikki C.
    Dec 2019

    Where do I even begin, let me start by saying that I first reached out to Cindy in 2017 in regards to her body wraps as I like to review everything that I try or buy in detail. I watched one of Cindy's clients Cammy Nguyen IG: Cammylovesblossom she would go weekly for wraps and I would see how awesome that she looked and I wanted to go. Due to my procrastination I never made it ; however since I was still following Cammy I would constantly see her share her interactions with Cindy. Eventually she began sharing readings from Cindy as well as Sage and visits with Cindy. Let me tell you!! This intrigued me more than live TV Cindy predicted so many amazing things for Cammy that over time and watching I was able to see come to reality before my very eyes.Check Out IG: Cammy Nguyen LLC. and see the empire Cindy predicted that Cammy would build. Fast Forward to August 2019 I was in the worst place of my life after losing multiple loved ones, I felt as though the only thing left to do was pray as, I am not a person that confides in others for anything. I would follow Cindy's IG: Ahealingspa and prayed for a miracle and one day Cindy posts that she's doing a Giveaway for a free 10 minute reading. I had the attitude that I never win anything but I knew I needed help and god told me to open my heart and pray to win. I wake up on the day she announces the winner and it was me like no way (She could read my thoughts and just how bad I wanted it and god answered the prayer by asking her to help me). I remember one thing she said that stood out and made me say WHAT THE HECK she said my boyfriends mother that passed away said that she hopes I stay with her son.... Like I didn't mention anything about trouble sooooo???(How is she soooo accurate?) Losing my loved ones and life had me in such dark place dealing with depression on and off for the past 4 years and I never thought I would see the light at the end of the tunnel. I knew I needed something to help cleanse the negativity in my home so I ordered a protection wand and I asked Cindy if it would be okay if I picked it up. She was very accommodating and so pleasant, I felt a weight lift from me the moment I placed the order but especially when I finally burned my sage it burned for about 6 hours and when it was done I felt like a new person. From September to December I've learned so many new things in life, I've found myself and my voice again and I know that I am not alone. Cindy is always there when you need her she is just a truly amazing person. I prayed for help and at my lowest and God said here you go here is a Beautiful Goddess/Angel Of Truth,Strength, Love and Compassion to help you manifest and live your best life. To help you overcome hurdles and obstacles if only you can get past your fear!! Let go of any doubts or stigmas or stereotypes that you have been fed in life as we all have. Trust your heart... You were drawn to her page or are showing an interest for a reason. Nothing in Life is by Coincidence . Thank You Cindy for helping me to live my best life and break generational curses and know that with your help I can live my best life and help others to live there best life!! Thank You For Life Cindy Thankful and Blessed to have you as My Spirit Guide

  • Danni S.
    Oct 2019

    I am ever so thankful that I came across Cindy's profile and that I finally booked an appointment after bookmarking her page months ago. It is very much apparent after my first session with Cindy that I was meant to cross paths with her. What a beautiful woman inside and out! She is absolutely adorable and very kind. I couldn't wait to see her for my session and when I finally did, I am now a super fan and will definitely become a regular. It has been one whole month since I saw Cindy for a body wrap and let me tell you, my body has improved drastically! I am so super duper impressed! Even my partner commented on how great I am looking. Aside from the physical improvements, I have also felt much more calm and zen since seeing her. She must have transferred some of her amazing energy onto me bc I can feel the difference mentally too. When you look good you feel good and Cindy will help you in MANY ways! I will see her again soon and also try her energy healing sessions as well since I could certainly use it lol. Cindy, I am so grateful that I was lead to you! See you soon xoxo

  • Daniel Gatz
    Jun 2019

    Absolutely amazing. Positive energy and RESULTS! I have tried most of Cindy’s treatments and they have been helping me loss weight on top of exercising at home. From her detox program to her Fire and Ice I would definitely recommend her to anyone. In fact my family has used her programs also and they love it.

  • Vicky T.
    Mar 2019

    I've been working with Cindy for a little over a month now and all I can say is that my life has tremendously shifted for the better. What started off as working on one area in my life quickly made its way to altering other aspects that I had eventually planned on working on, I guess you can say Cindy's effects beat me to them! Cindy is really calm and gentle, she really knew how to ease my worries and conflicts, and she always checked up on me, more so than a client. She's really sympathetic and has a great heart. Those that need inner work/ guidance, I really recommend her, her products work really well too, I always get them before I have something that I'd want to accomplish and they add that much more oomph. Can't wait for my next session

  • S. F.
    Aug 2018

    I am so grateful to have Cindy in my life. I initially went to her to detox my body and learned about all the different services she does. She is amazing, and accurate! Her healings and readings are truly a gift and I'm glad I get to have her in my life. Thank you Cindy.

  • Jessica V.
    Aug 2018

    There are no words to express what Cindy has done and continues to do with my life. She began working on me in January 2018 and ever since then my life has been amazingly different in a great way. My stress level went from 100 to 0.1 (yes there is stress but I can control it now). An example is my Masters program, for a year and a half I was drowning with school, work and Home life. I was carrying a load that was ready to crush me. The month I went to Cindy my life started shifting and hasn't stopped since. I went through the last 4 classes of my masters program like a piece of cake. I also began to receive unexpected checks and money. My family and I are doing really good financially. I will continue going to Cindy as she has an unbelievable amount of procedures to help with ones mind, body and soul. Needless to say I am a work in progress and patience is a virtue. I know things won't happen overnight and although Cindy works on us we must learn to be patient and work on ourselves. Stay positive and have faith. The only regret I have is not finding Cindy sooner

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