• miss clarity
    Oct 2019

    Terrible customer service. Don’t buy or try to use your gift certificates here. They don’t seem to care about your experience as a customer.

  • Haley Robertson
    Jun 2019

    Had an amazing massage with some friends here. We were all gifted gift certificates and left what we thought was a good enough tip, however the women at the front desk followed us out and stopped us, telling us we did not tip them enough. Very rude and took away from the great massage we had.

  • KD Hews
    Jun 2019

    Arrived on a Thursday, no appointment was taken right away. My masseuse was nice and got right to work. She asked me if I wanted hard medium or soft rubbing. I got 30 minute foot and 30 minute body. Place was clean, pretty quiet, & massage was worth the price. It's in an older building in Petaluma so don't expect a glamorous brand new interior. I also liked that most of the oils and products they use were uncensored or very lightly scented.

  • Ruth Andrade
    May 2019

    Great foot massage ever

  • Summer Loftin
    May 2019

    They took a reservation for 3 with only 2 hours notice on a Saturday and they were amazing! Each of us loved our masseuse; they did a wonderful job!

  • Tabatha Andrade
    May 2019

    Great place for a massage relaxing ....definitely recommend this place if your in the area

  • iveth benavides
    May 2019

    The first time I went to this place was just alright. I had walked in without an appointment and was given a one hour massage by two different people, ok fine I thought, I walked in. I decided to give this place another try although my first experience was not the best. Second time around was worse than the first. The lady massaging me, Angela, left midway through the session, my naked buttock and leg exposed with my room door wide open, not relaxing at all! She returns, with damp heated towels and proceeds to burn my back! I jumped and said too hot! She still lays the towel on my back. Then come time to pay, I was going to leave her a small tip, 3$. Thinking this was generous enough for the not so relaxing experience, she demands I leave her "10$ for one hour!" Never returning here and do not recommend you waste your money or time here 51.00 (61.00) down the drain!

  • Jorge Torres
    May 2019

    Good massage for the price.

  • Jasmeet J.
    Apr 2019

    This has to be by far the WORST message I've ever had. The message therapist did not know what he was doing. I was debating multiple times to leave mid message. I've been to the Santa Rosa location & the message is a lot better. I would recommend to avoid this location & instead choose the Santa Rosa location.

  • Karin W.
    Apr 2019

    I've been here several times months apart hoping they changed but today was the worst and I won't return. Despite all the signs asking for silence every time the other workers waiting around speak loudly to each other. Today was the worst. My masseuse heard the conversation and yelled out to them. Then one of them came in and they preceded to talk in normal voices. Also I spent a lot of time telling her beforehand to avoid completely my left foot which is recovering from surgery. Suddenly she started on my left sole and I screamed out. I like the Santa Rosa place better.

  • Becky A.
    Apr 2019

    I will never return to Jessie Jings. I went in last week and was put next to another customer who has fallen asleep and begins to snore. He then proceeds to have some sort of night terrors and swinging his arm and moaning and groaning. He did this the full hour. The employees did nothing to wake him or alleviate the situation. They actually interrupted my massage and had me move ( two chairs down) since we were all afraid he would hit me while swinging his arms. They need to have something in place to handle disturbing customers and at least wake him and tell him or move him into private room. Also, the masseuse would get up occasionally and "hock a loogie" and spit so all could hear. Disgusting! Worst non relaxing massage I have ever had! Would give zero stars if I could!

  • Trisha O'Haire
    Mar 2019

    Only downside is they yell at you if they don't think your tip is enough. Good massage.

  • Selina G.
    Mar 2019

    I was looking for a massage because I had a muscle spasm and needed relief ASAP. I left my house in Rohnert Park and got there for my appt. The lady was taking care of a customer and she wasn't understanding what he needed. (a receipt is what he was asking for)My turn and the lady said I don't have an appt. but I said I just hung up like 30 min ago and made one she said I maybe called another number. I looked up my call log showed her I just called here so I did have the right number. Then I asked who else would have answered the phone 30 min ago because maybe they knew I had an appt. I had to leave because there was no appt period. The lady was all confused just very disoriented. Complete waste of time and of course my spasm got worse with the added on stress.

  • Vicki I.
    Mar 2019

    I I like to visit this massage parlor for their $29 special foot relax massage it's not just the feet you lay down in a room with other people in chairs , and there's a large bucket of warm water and they start with your head massage your head and neck and shoulders then they work on your feet for about 30 minutes then your legs and then you turn over in the chair and they massage your back and arms like a mini massage really I did a one hour massage the other day because I thought I brought my gift certificate with me but I hadn't and I had a woman masseuse she was OK pretty good I kind of fell asleep almost during a massage which lets me know I'm real relaxed.

  • Sarah P.
    Jan 2019

    I've never been treated so horribly. My boyfriends mom and I went on a Saturday night after dinner. We had a decent massage. We went out of our way to get 30$ cash prior to coming in because they prefer cash. We were intending the 25$ for the massage plus a 5$ tip. We handed them the 60$, said to keep the change, and walked out of there. We were then chased by the lady screaming at us to come back. We wondered if we forgot something so we walked back in. She said they changed their prices to 29$ now which we weren't told and there is no sign to notify the price change. The woman proceeded to scream in our faces saying she wanted more tip. I had to pull out my calculator and show her that 29x2=58$ and there was 60$ there on the table, more than enough covering the 2 massages. We didn't have any more cash on us and we apologized because we didn't know about the price change, yet she continued to yell and scream and tried to get us to swipe our credit cards instead. Why would I want to swipe my credit card after you chased me down the street and are screaming at me for my tip? No thanks! We will not be going back!

  • Katy K.
    Jan 2019

    We did not get welcomed when we walked in. We stood there for minutes while the employees argued. We got 2 foot reflexology massages. The guy started my massage right away but they left my friend waiting for an extra ten minutes. The lady who worked on her paused for at least 5 min in the middle and left the room. When it came time to pay the lady at the desk (the same one who neglected my friend's massage) was not happy with the 10% tip that she felt was fair and rudely demanded 20%. This is somewhere that I've been going for years and I've brought many friends here. Yesterday they may have gotten an extra $5, but they lost my business.

  • Cassandra C.
    Dec 2018

    Clean, kind, great value! Great spot to treat yourself. I was expecting just a foot massage but got much more. Head, neck, shoulders... my therapist had super strong hands. I made an appointment and was sat immediately upon arrival. Only thing was, I didn't realize you need to be quite right when you walk in the door, not much chatting in there, but hey, worked for me!

  • Nese
    Nov 2018

    Love this place! Very affordable!

  • Wayne N.
    Oct 2018

    Lily, she is awesome! You can tell she has been doing massage for a long time and her intuition is spot on. Whether it's a foot massage or full body, go with the Lilynator and you will be happy. If Lily isn't available Angela is great too. And Jessie the owner is the best, she always goes out of her way to make me feel welcome. The front gal Katie is super sweet and friendly. I feel Iike family every time I go in. :)

  • Nancy C.
    Sep 2018

    We booked reservations, had baby and an 11 year old and drove from Bodega Bay after booking and coordinating. A 2:00 and a 3:00 to take turn with kiddos. They forgot we had reservations even though I called twice. The place is interesting. You start in one building then when you're up they walk you out the door to another adjacent building. It's kind of a different vibe. Mostly female massage therapists but hey is that really relevant? No basket or area to put your shoes, purse, jacket. She just set my things on the floor against the wall. The restroom was minimal at best. The massage chairs are super close together. One thing I really liked was they used a snuggly throw and not a white towel that covers clothes with lint. I'd give them 1 star but the lady that worked on us and squeezed in an additional half hour session for our 11 year old was soooo amazing. She gets 5 stars all the way. The people managing get 1 star so that's how 3 stars came about. I say, clean the place up, lighter and brighter wait area, a little more defies pace and goal of projected image. Honor your reservations and definitely don't tell people you forgot their reservations. Have enough staff to keep your word. And by all means make sure and find as many massage therapists like the one we had. She's the best thing you have going for you.

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