• De S.
    Jul 2019

    Pros: - Words cannot explain how beautiful this studio is. - The equipments were top-notch. - I was staying at hotel only long enough to attend 1 reformer group class with Kat. It was a great class. Kat was a fun teacher. - The max number of students is 3 so there was a lot of attention on each individual. - Very reasonable pricing Cons: None Pilates is such an intense practice, but a very rewarding one. And it doesn't get any better having my practice at Pure Pilates. I will definitely come back and recommend checking out this studio when you are in the area.

  • Wendy Mathis
    Apr 2019

    What’s not to love about this place?! This is a very beautiful studio on the grounds of The Langham Hotel. Jacquie and her staff and phenomenal and they are very thorough when explaining moves and I appreciate how they can make your session more or less challenging based on what’s happening with your body. Scheduling is easy and they offer reasonable packages.

  • Nicole C.
    Mar 2019

    Jacquie is magical. I love her and her classes. She guides you through a wonderful workout and is warm and encouraging along the way. The Langham is absolutely stunning and her studio is gorgeous.. the entire experience feels​ fantastic. I highly recommend classes here.

  • Sarah K.
    Feb 2019

    Gorgeous studio with very small, personalized group reformer classes, and teachers that are paying attention to your body's needs. Most pilates studios lately seem to be hybrids that only care about cardio and global muscles, but zero about form. So finding Pure Pilates was a breakthrough. Classes are challenging (esp Kat's) but my body (my back!) feels amazing--thanks largely to Jacquie and her comprehensive physiological knowledge (and dance background). Complete gem of a studio!

  • Nicole R.
    Feb 2019

    We love Pure Pilates! My mom, sisters and I have been coming for a private setting workout with Jacquie and we always walk away feeling stronger! She's so great at customizing the workout to how we feel and what we want to focus on. I've taken other Pilates workouts but her studio is the best because there are only three of you in the class so she really can tailor it to your needs, and it's tough which I love! Plus, the setting couldn't be more beautiful at The Langham Hotel!

  • Linda W.
    Feb 2019

    Don't bother going anywhere else. Jacquie really knows her profession. I went to another pilates studio in Pasadena years ago and quit because nothing changed. I've only been going to Jacquie for one month and definitely already see changes-not only in the way I look, but how I feel. I've found muscles I didn't know I had. She personalizes my workouts and every session is a little different. She is kind and reassuring while you get a serious workout. The Langham gym is great, but if you want even more focus, I highly recommend adding Pure Pilates to your exercise program. They are right next door! And did I mention that it's a lovely, soothing space?

  • Sophie C.
    Feb 2019

    I knew it from IG. When seeing the studio's photos, my first impression was " looks so amazing". At the same time, I had to take a break from yoga,so I decided to try pilates again. It is a small but cozy studio, parking space is very easy to find on the street. The group class is only for 3 people, but I prefer small class than big class. I like the instructor can pay more attention and adjust my wrong poses. Jacquie, Kat and Sophia are very nice and knowledgeable, I always feel exhausted but happy after the classes. Now, I am looking for taking the personal class soon and can't wait for the new challenge.

  • Ariel Q.
    Feb 2019

    I used to attend Pilates group classes at other studios and found it quite overwhelming. One day I found Pure Pilates through their Instagram account and decided to give it a try. What a great find! Their studio is beautiful and clean, equipments are well kept. Jacquie and Crissy are very knowledgeable and super friendly. They guided me through each exercise and explained everything patiently. I can't wait for my next class!

  • Wendy M.
    Feb 2019

    This is truly one of the most beautiful studios! I have had the pleasure to work with several of the team members including Jacquie, the owner, and I have always received consistent, top-notch instruction. At the start of each class I am asked about injuries, how I'm feeling, and if I need to work in any specific areas. I appreciate this level of attention to my needs. Also, the team does a great job of explaining the moves and demonstrating if necessary. The group class is really like semi-private class because there's availability for three people. The studio offers validation for parking, but there is street parking available also. The prices are reasonable for such a luxurious location and with the spa next door, you really have all that you need there!

  • Paul O.
    Feb 2019

    My wife and have been taking Pilates classes from Jacqui at Pure Pilates Pasadena and she really knows her stuff. The class is fast paced and a fantastic workout. Best Pilates teacher either of us has experienced, highly recommended!

  • Claudia A.
    Feb 2019

    I feel privileged and more than happy to have found Pure Pilates, a beautiful and peaceful place to practice Pilates and or in my case to recover from an injury. The focused intention to a speedy recovery from the teachers, their kindness, patience and detailed attention to fundamentals makes your recovery not only possible but pleasant and hopeful . Again, I feel privileged to have found Pure Pilates. I Pure Pilates .

  • Arlene Jamie Samore-Sanchez
    Sep 2018

    The Pure Pilates studio is the best studio in town. It not only is the most gorgeous place to work out but the work out is so FUN and if you work out 2-3 times a week you will definitely see results. The group classes are for a maximum of 3 people so you definitely get assistance if you need guidance. Also, the private sessions are wonderful as well and totally worth it. Pilates is my healthy addiction!!!!! I have never found a workout that I have stuck to consistently for over a year-pilates is it. All the instructors are AMAZING! I am so much stronger and confident. You won’t be disappointed so check it out.

  • jennifer flores
    Sep 2018

    Ive never been more excited to attend a workout class until i came across this beautiful Pilates studio. I had been looking for a Pilates studio for quite some time. Luckily one day i walked passed it and was greeted by sweet Jacqueline. I was blown away by the beautifulness of the studio and her presence. I have been attending her studio for about 3 weeks and i love every minute of it. Everyone there, staff and clients are so sweet, welcoming and positive. I am so glad that i chose to sign up. I look forward to every session and can’t wait to see more results ;)

  • Roberta Fox
    Sep 2018

    We've all had stressful days, that turn into weeks and we end up letting go of time for ourselves. Luckily, I've had the opportunity to have Jaqueline Potter of Pure Pilates Pasadena at the beautiful Langham in Pasadena start me back on the right track. I've had back surgeries and I have Spinal fusion so I was hesitating to start. Jackie has taken the time to help me strengthen, lengthen and tone my body. I've never felt better with any other exercise. She has the best equipment; including two reformer pilates machines, a Cadillac and the chair just to name a few. Her class is more like a spa experience, not some drill Sargent boot camp bs. Not only is her voice Pleasant but the views and the studio are as well. I highly recommend treating yourself to building a strong & healthy body!

  • Crissy L.
    Aug 2018

    I've been looking for a great classical Pilates studio after moving to Pasadena 2 years ago. I was so delighted to find just that at Pure Pilates :) You can really feel how experienced and passionate Jacqueline and her team are. Such a pleasure to study with instructors who are excited about their work. Cant wait for my next class!

  • Heather A.
    Aug 2018

    This place is fantastic. Just had my first class with Kat and I loved her. After a 14 year Pilates hiatus she made it easy. The workout was not easy but I pushed through and now I feel accomplished and ready for more!!! Glad I found this place.

  • Leafy F.
    Jul 2018

    I have been attending Jacquie's classes for almost a year and have been to several different Pilates studios and teachers during that time as well. Jacquie is one of the best. She has been teaching Pilates for a long time and is very knowledgeable. She is a great beginner teacher because she is very patient and understanding. At the same time, once you know what you are doing, she will challenge you and you will get a good whole body workout. Her private lessons are really good as well since she will customize the class for you whether you want to recover from an injury or focus on a certain part of your body. Classes only have a maximum of three people so you are always guaranteed her attention and all the students who go to this studio are really nice. Pure Pilates is located at The Langham, but is privately owned and located next to the gym. There is ample street parking and the studio itself is clean, elegant, and inviting. I encourage you to give Pure Pilates a try. You won't regret it!

  • Lulu K.
    Jul 2018

    I first discovered Pure Pilates when I walked past it to go to The Langham Huntington Hotel's spa and immediately I noticed the stunning space and called to book an appointment. Since moving to Pasadena from downtown los angeles a few years ago, I'd been trying to find a new pilates studio as it was too far to commute regularly to downtown just for a fitness class. I absolutely loved my first session with Jacqueline--she is such a great instructor and I love that her classes are very small that they're like private lessons so you get individualized attention! You can also books duo classes or privates, and her studio is beautiful and a lovely space for taking a reformer class. Her equipment is top of the line and she makes sure that you're comfortable while at the same time, challenging your body and expanding your range of motion. I felt much tighter and toned after one class, and I already signed up for more! I also love how her studio is located at one of the most beautiful places in town: The Langham Hotel! She's also conveniently located next to the spa, so you can always get a massage or hit the hot tub before or after your workout. So glad I found Pure Pilates and am excited to have this as my regular go-to!

  • Samantha W.
    Jun 2018

    I've been working with Jacquie for a year and love going to her studio! She is a wonderful instructor and can work with clients of all experience and fitness levels. When I started, I was totally new and Jacquie helped explain everything along the way - it never felt intimidating. Her positive attitude and encouragement is ever present and she has a great, wholistic approach. The best thing about the this studio is the very small, intimate class size. You are guaranteed to get the attention you need and won't feel lost like you might in a bigger class. All of the other clients I've been in classes with have been really nice - her studio definitely attracts great people! Part of what brought me to Pilates was a lower back injury. I threw my back out and could hardly walk for several weeks a few years back. The doctor diagnosed me with a bad L5 disc and recommended I try Pilates to strengthen my core and improve my back problems. After that incident, I proceeded to throw my back out a few more times and it felt like a chronic problem I would just have to live with. I finally decided to give Pilates a try and it has made all the difference! I feel so much stronger and I have not had back issues since! It really is amazing what Pilates can do for your body. In addition to core strength, I never felt like I had much upper body strength. Now, I can really see more definition in my arms and everything feels like it has tightened up. My husband also really enjoys coming and it has been fun to come together on the weekends! He does more of a cross-fit style workout during the week and he feels like this is a great compliment to his workout routine. He has been pleased by what a good workout you can get and how it targets and stretches your whole body. Being busy professionals, we find that we spend a lot of time sitting at a desk and Jacquie always incorporates a lot of stretching that our bodies really need. Last, but not least, the studio is beautiful! Who wouldn't want to work out here?!?! It's such a pleasant place to come, tucked into a private corner of the Langham Carriage House. I always park on Oak Knoll (just south of the hotel entrance) and walk over to the studio. It's almost the same walk distance as the valet and it's free! I've never had trouble getting parking there, so don't let that deter you from trying this place out. Thank you Jacquie for your amazing work! We appreciate all you do!

  • Kamala Kirk-Schrager
    Jun 2018

    Beautiful studio and the owner Jacqueline is amazing! Class sizes are small so you get plenty of individual attention in a supportive, relaxing environment, and it’s conveniently located next to The Langham Hotel’s Chuan Spa—so you can get a massage after your workout if you so desire! This is my go-to Pilates studio in Pasadena!


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