• Alan N.
    Oct 2021

    Ryback is an amazing artist!! Fast, precise, and is flexible to work with your schedule. He got me in for a poly half sleeve, talk about amazing work. If you're looking for a legit tattoo shop, look no further. Red Buddha has some killer artists. Super chill vibes inside, helpful artists that are also friendly and funny. These guys will help you get exactly what you're looking for at a fair price.

  • Russell U.
    Aug 2021

    Another great job by Mike. Wanted to honor my two new grandsons that were born in the Year of the Ox.

  • William M.
    Jul 2021

    I had the most amazing experience at Red Buddha! I had a shi..,ty tattoo that I asked them to fix ! Exceeded my expectations! Recommend forever!

  • Mylene D.
    Jun 2021

    I've been wanting a bigger tattoo for years and years, and I am SO happy about the way it turned out! The piece came out way better than I imagined it thanks to Niq's artistry - we had clear communication (and I probably bothered her way too much about it HAHA) at any time. In regards to another review here: people get busy and can't reply, hello - they spend a ton of hours tattooing people at a time. Clients come and go and they have schedules: I changed mine one day, and the next, she was already booked and I totally get it. Everyone here specializes in different styles and especially tribal/Filipino artistry. I can't wait to go back to get more work done by Niq (who is somehow still an apprentice... she is insanely talented)!

  • Alex C.
    May 2021

    Noodles did an awesome job with this half sleeve. Initially on my right arm, there was already an older tiger tattoo from over 10+ years ago. Always had the intent of making it into a sleeve, but it was always put off until now. Provided Noodles with a few designs/pictures of various oriental art and real pictures from a previous China trip to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and he went to work. Very pleased with the results for this first session.

  • Davina B.
    May 2021

    Poor customer service. It took 2 weeks just to get a text quote and availability, which was too long of a wait. 2 days prior to their availability, they give me 1 time option, 11:00 am on Tuesday, and wanted me to electronically send them a deposit, when there was no written agreement or signatures to hold anybody accountable, which did not make me feel comfortable sending a random person that I never met before, money. They told me I can come in before 4:00 p.m. the following day. I show up at 11:03 on Tuesday, and there was only one female there (assuming the "her" for the IG portfolio that was texted to me), who was an apprentice (that I didn't know ahead). While I was talking to her reminding her of the text conversation and that I did not make a deposit to book the appointment, one of the male tattoo artists came in, that I walked in to get a price quote from before with my boyfriend, who was willing to tatoo me on the spot. They said they already booked someone for the 11:00 slot, when by then it was 11:07 and no other customer was there (a lie), I waited to watch after I left, and no customer came in. I went on to ask them when their next availability was that day, since they said to come in before 4:00 pm, they said they were booked with no other times suggested. When their text 2 days prior said I can come in anytime before 4:00 p.m. That's hard to believe in less than 2 days, they said to come in anytime. (Was that another lie?). What a waste of my time bc of lies.

  • Ashley A.
    May 2021

    Came in today for my 11am appointment with Mike. Was running late and he was very accommodating with waiting for me to arrive for my appointment. He didn't boot me out for being late. I've been having work down here for a few years now and have never had a bad experience with their customer service and hospitality. Definitely a friendly atmosphere.

  • Mark M.
    Mar 2021

    Came in for some work with Gerald. Had a piece done with him before, very considerate and professional. Didn't hurt much and it came out looking really good. Looking forward to seeing it healed and getting more work done

  • Emil F.
    Mar 2021

    I had 4 tattoos done by Ryback. He's the owner of Red Buddha Tattoo. The shop is very clean. The staff is nice and pleasant to deal with. Ryback is a very talented and skilled tattoo artist. He does great work on tribal/Polynesian tattoos. I highly recommend Ryback. He is open to suggestions and will make sure you are happy with your tattoos. Mike, another tattoo artist at the same shop, is also very talented as he also worked on one of my tattoos. I will definitely come back and get more tattoos done by Ryback in the future.

  • Adie P.
    Mar 2021

    I got my tattoo here today by Ate Niq and I love it!! It was my first one, so I was actually scared, but she and the others made me feel comfortable. The pain wasn't bad at all! I love how Ate Niq was able to provide me with a design of what I really wanted (thank you for being patient with me btw lol)

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