• Bryant Obando
    Nov 2021

    First time going. Asked for a zero fade with a #8 on top. Barber asked how close for zero. I said skin tight. My guy delivered. Although a haircut costs $25 before tip, I would go back again.

  • d Espinosa
    Oct 2021

    Female barber is the bomb

  • Chris butler
    Jul 2021

    No thanks

  • Carl R.
    Jun 2021

    Went to the shop thirty minutes early before shop opens up, just to be told to wait thirty minutes more because he had three other people ahead of me . I've been going for about two month's and it's been first come first serve . And now all of a sudden it's by appointment . The older gentleman was rude and inconsiderate and was being difficult to even speak to him. But Thanks to him I found a new barber shop,

  • Adrian Ramirez
    Apr 2021

    Andy will hook u up

  • Scott L.
    Sep 2020

    Love this place and the entire team... Covid 19 friendly great haircuts and shaves with incredibly friendly people. Miguel makes you feel at home:...

  • Brad C.
    Aug 2020

    Great place to go, I would recommend not letting the woman cut your hair. I did once and absolutely regretted it. Sergio is my guy though. Always a good cut. No matter who you go with here, prepare to wait if you don't have an appt and it's like $35 now after covid.

  • Steve J.
    Jun 2020

    I have been coming to the shop since 2014 when they were a few doors down in the triangle unit. Sergio, Maria, and Miguel have been there the longest and are always super nice. Jose is my go-to guy and always does a nice job of conversation and being efficient in his cuts. He remembers the conversations we had months ago, which I really like. Prices have increased substantially since COVID-19 so be prepared to bring double the cash you normally would bring. Wait times can be 1.5 hours long at peak but sometimes it's completely empty. They do have appointments for a few extra dollars as well. You get the straight-edge razor trim at the end and a splash of aftershave.

  • Scott Hudson
    May 2020

    This placed saved my hair. I got the absolute worst haircut of my life and came here to have them fix it. Now it's the only place I will get my haircut.

  • Johnny Z.
    Mar 2020

    I got the single worst haircut in my life. And no, I’m not exaggerating. I had the misfortune of arriving when all the other barbers went on lunch break and I was stuck with the female barber (can’t remember her name). I requested a 3 on the sides and a slight trim on top. She seemed a bit timid at first but quickly picked up the pace. When she got to the top, she said, “I’ll just shorten a few strands in front.” I immediately told her that wouldn’t be enough and that I’d prefer a bit more off the top. What did she do? She started cutting like crazy and she had my back facing the mirror so I had no idea what she was doing. By the time she was done, I was appalled when she handed me the mirror and it literally looked like someone had taken a chunk out of the left front side of my hair. To make matters worse, she told me to simply comb my hair in the opposite direction of how I normally have it. Are you kidding me? Anyways, moving on... I noticed a patch of hair that seemed longer than the rest so I asked her to please trim that part. In fact, I asked her three times but she wouldn’t do it; instead, she reasoned that it wouldn’t look good. Well, sure enough, she was wrong once my hair dried later that day and I noticed a patch of my hair was flaring outward like someone had fed a single part of my head with miracle growth that made it stand up taller than all the rest. The final result: the haircut was asymmetrical (one side longer than the other), I’m missing a patch of hair on the front of my head, and I’m stuck with this haircut for my upcoming wedding.

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