• A M.
    Jul 2020

    This spa was a very pleasant experience for me. It was very easy to book online and the 1st time special is an excellent deal. They were very welcoming and I was treated to an Oxygen Therapy facial. The facility was sanitary and they have you wash up and remove your shoes and wear a clean garmet. The lady was very thorough and extracted A LOT of sebum from my face, bless her. I fell asleep during the massage. I got great results and am looking forward to my next appointment :)

  • Emma Watson
    Jun 2020

    Connie is truly the best. I have been going to Connie since June 2019 and my skin is at the point where I can feel confident going outside...barefaced, baby! When I first went to her, my skin constantly broke out on my forehead and chin. Now, my skin is so soft : ) I'm so happy with the results! Thank you Connie!!

  • Benji M.
    Apr 2020

    DO NOT COME HERE. Most of these reviews are fake or were forced upon the customers so that they could receive a free washcloth or whatever. They don't treat their customers with respect. I've been coming here for over 2+ years and have seen a huge turnover of estheticians and have always wondered why the rooms were so empty. Now I know why. I stuck it out with them because the location was convenient and the prices were affordable. But I am so put off them now. Not only do they push you to buy packages in the middle of your spa treatment, which is something I would just suck up every time, but if you prepay thousands of dollars right before a pandemic with no contract signed stating a "no refund policy", they will pretend you did, ignore your texts and wait until the day ends at 5pm to answer back "we are now closed". Totally unprofessional. This is bringing out everyone's true colors in terms of how loyal customers are being treated. I'm all for supporting our local businesses but the lack of open and honest communication coupled with the dodgy business practices would make me think that they have zero regard for their long standing customers. At first, I was supportive and let it go but now things are even more uncertain, people are losing their jobs and income and someone touching my face isn't high on my priority list during a global pandemic, I wanted a refund. But I gave them my word that I'd be back and they should believe me given how long I've been coming to them for my facials. Anyway, just take my word for it. They are greedy and don't care about you.

  • Aidee C.
    Mar 2020

    I'm not sure why this place has so many good reviews. I am surprised it does considering my experience here was very uncomfortable. From the moment I walked in I felt like all the staff were just trying to sell, sell, sell and put me on a package-very pushy! I didnt feel they were genuinely interested to listen to my skin concerns. I paid the Yelp deal at $90 for a facial that lasted an hour but did not help my face at all. The products used did not feel good on my face. May I add that it I could here all the talking in the next room. Finally when I was done, they let another client in while I was changing without giving me a hint, not cool!

  • Barbara H.
    Mar 2020

    Today is my second appointment at La Eve and decided to leave a review. I took advantage of their yelp special the first session and my skin looked amazing. They had a special package for micro needling and stem cells which is supposed to be good for brown spots and enlarged pores. The aestheticians are extremely attentive and informative and made tailored decisions on method based on my skin. Weekend skincare dates with my girlfriend is my happy place and La Eve works to accommodate all of us at the same time and in some cases the same room so we can chat and catch up. So excited to see how my skin will change with this experience. Thanks La Eve

  • Christina M.
    Mar 2020

    I would highly recommend this place! They have really great packages & book up quickly! I came here with a group & we've all loved the care we've received!

  • Andrameda M.
    Feb 2020

    Amazing service and relaxing experience! Everyone was really great. 2 stars are for the aftermath. I got an oxygen facial and my skin glowed for a day or two! I noticed on my way out I had a bump on my cheek suddenly where she attempted to do an extraction. It's been 6 days and now I have a large deep pimple that is scarring my face. Another one next to it and a large deep cystic like pimple on my chin. I NEVER get pimples or acne like this. My skin scars easily so its going to be a long journey to fix the damage. Also when I got home, I noticed my face still had tons of blackheads. She looked at my face, said good, poked it twice and ended the extractions. I figured the other parts of the facial took everything out. The parts of my face that are messed up are the places she poked me with tools. Seriously disappointing and now I look like my 16 year old scabby/pimply self lol

  • Lammiya Vat
    Feb 2020

    LA Eve Skin Care is a great place to come and relax. I love how great I feel after a good sauna detox. Hugh spa is very clean and the LA Eve Skin Care are very friendly. I will definitely be back soon!

  • Sonya Bates
    Feb 2020

    Echoing what the other yelpers said, like this place better than Wi or LA Eve Skin Care Palace. Place is very well maintained and the staffs are very nice! Got a 30 mins foot rub and that was very relaxing as well. I will be back!

  • Passion H.
    Jan 2020

    Rose did an amazing job on my facial. If you get the lymphatic massage, I highly recommend her. My skin looks amazing!!

  • Tanya Fursa
    Jan 2020

    Very professional staff! I loved it and probably will come back. Recommend this place.

  • Anna Warren
    Jan 2020

    Oh my god thats what I needed I loved it it!!!will definitely go back and bring my friend next time!!!! I got the vip package! Did some

  • Rebecca Barbera
    Jan 2020

    Lots of different types of steam rooms which is imp to mention because the other day spas on the area ( there are many day spas/"Korean spas") do not have the variety that Hugh Spa houses.

  • Colleen Price
    Dec 2019

    This spa is amazing. No frills or fuss, straight down to business Korean bath house. The facility is very clean, inviting and relaxing. It can get crowded on the weekends especially if you are someone like me who enjoys the quiet calming of it all.

  • Andrew Kang
    Nov 2019

    Overall a great experience well worth the package. My weekly standing appointments have brought drastic results. 10/10

  • Charlie C.
    Nov 2019

    I like this place and their facials, but the beauticians try to hard sell products + openly ask how much you tip and it makes the experience unpleasant

  • Michelle H.
    Oct 2019

    I went here a year ago (I know I know, it took me a while to write this review). My friend and I were looking for a facial place to do a fun bonding activity and ended up here due to all of the good reviews. TYPE OF FACIAL: I actually have no idea what kind of facial we ended up doing, but I think it was the Enzyme Peel? PRICE: We used the Yelp first timer's deal, which made each treatment $60. Extractions were not included, so we tacked them on for $20 each. This made each of our facials $80 each. THE BAD: I had never had a facial before this and I had no idea what to expect, and in my experience I think the person who did the facial was super rough (didn't get her name). She really dug into some of my pores and left my whole face super red, along with drawing blood from the pimple on my chin. There wasn't anything to extract there, but she kept coming back to scratch, pick, and squeeze at it. I went out of there with a pretty intense scab, and it wasn't even a clean squeeze; the tissue around the pimple was all ripped up. I have a scar from it that is still visible today. It is darker than the rest of my skin and the scar dips inward like a shallow crater. :( The rest of my skin where the extractions didn't occur was smooth and glowy though, so there's that. The front desk lady barely---like, BARELY---spoke English, but she was still trying to sell packages lol. I actually didn't understand what she was trying to sell so I asked if she could show me a price menu instead (which I took a picture of). I don't think I'll come back, even though the price was good. I'm literally scarred for life from the extractions, so I'd recommend not asking for that if you're considering going here.

  • Brittany T.
    Oct 2019

    I can't believe I've lived in for nearly 10 years and have yet to have a facial at a korean day spa. LA Eve exceeded my expectations. I'm used to going to facials that charge over $150 for a basic facial. I decided to give this place a try after purchasing the Yelp first timer's deal ($150 worth of services for $60). When I got there, I ended up trying the Oxygen facial (so it ended up being $100, since the Oxygen facial falls in their advanced care set of services). An hour and a half later, I emerged from the table with the glowiest skin I have seen in quite a while. I was immediately impressed. I ended up purchasing a bundled package so that in the future when I come back for my next facial, it costs a bit less. The facial included extractions, lymphatic drainage massage, a deep shoulder/back/arm massage, the oxygen machine + mask, and deep cleansing. I am a total convert and will definitely be back! Parking is super easy, there's ample street parking in front of the house and at the cross streets! They take card, but cash or venmo only for gratuity.

  • emily a.
    Oct 2019

    I've been struggling with my skin forever and tried many different products, regiments and dermatologist prescribed medications but nothing has helped as much as going to LA Eve Skin. I found them through Groupon and after 2 sessions, I purchased another series of 10 because I was so pleased with the results. It's now been about two months of getting weekly facials and the improvement in my skin makes me so happy! It's softer, smoother and more clear than it has ever been. The prices are comparable to other options in the area, the facilities are nice and clean, and I've never had trouble parking which is noteworthy in Ktown. They also have recommended products they sell which have been really good and are also reasonably priced. Their hours are very accommodating and they have been very understanding when I've been a bit late or had to reschedule appointments. Highly recommend!!

  • Betina G.
    Oct 2019

    I am LOVING this place. I am one year into living here in LA, and I have been at least 6 times in the past 6 months. I am a skincare snob, and I get massages at least 1x a week. It's my go to for a refresher for my skin PLUS a great massage. The pricing is great for the service, it's unreal! I get so many compliments on my skin, too! Thank you, LA Eve Skin ladies for giving me the best glow, relaxation, and service every time I come in!

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