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  • Jessica L.
    Dec 2021

    2 things: 1. The woman who did my facial applied acne cream on my face after I specifically said, "I do not have acne. I have eczema." My face is extremely dry now and my eczema is inflamed. 2. I asked her to leave my brows alone and she proceeded to over-trim them and shave off the tail ends. I have bald patches in the middle of my right brow. It's like she had no strategy going in and just removed hair at random. I was horrified after leaving and seeing my face in the car mirror. I will never be coming back.

  • Amy L.
    Nov 2021

    Found an old Groupon that was sent to me via email. I contacted them by phone and inquired about the Groupon. They advised they would grant me the price from Groupon. I asked if they could take me that same day and they accommodated me to come in same day 30min from the time I called. Already was impressed! Walked in and immediately greeted by the friendly receptionist. I asked about their facial services and they went to reach out to Barbie who came out and spoke to me about them. I asked if I could have a facial that same day, and again, she accommodated me on the spot. The facial was amazing. I literally fell asleep the entire time. They were all super friendly. It was clean. And let me tell you, I'm pretty meticulous and picky where I go. Loved it, and highly recommended!

  • Nicole T.
    Aug 2021

    Before coming here, I read the reviews on Yelp and saw that a lot of people rated this place poorly due to the language barrier and difficulty making an appointment. When you call to make your appointment, keep it in mind that they are trying their best, English may not be their first language, and that this store is located in a very asian-centric area. Once you make an appointment, the check-in process is simple and smooth. If it's your first visit, they have you sign papers and explain the process. Each room is very clean and dimly lit. I did ask about other services, and the representative explained each one without pushing me to buy or add more to my pre-existing package. The service is nothing extraordinary, but I got what I expected and was able to communicate with them.

  • Jason G.
    Aug 2021

    Went the first time with a Groupon and loved my facial that I got a package. Everyone is so friendly, the receptionist is adorable and the facial super relaxing and great for my skin. They place is clean and parking is ample. I would highly recommend it for anyone to try.

  • Peter K.
    Aug 2021

    The facials are excellent and the employees are very personable and nice. We look forward to coming each time. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Definitely recommend the facials - and the package deal we got is worthwhile.

  • Kay C.
    Aug 2021

    Love this place!!! Some reviews are soooo off. I have nothing bad to say about this place. They are nice and quick and best prices! No issues with them ever. Great experience.

  • C C.
    Aug 2021

    Ms slim is the best ! I go to Candi for hydrafacial and diamond tightening regularly, it makes a big difference on my skin. I am so happy with the result. I have also done ultherapy, and laser hair removal treatment. Very satisfied with the result. The front staff Jessica is super friendly and helpful! Love ms slim so much, it helps me to maintain myself so well. If I can give them 10 stars I will do so!

  • Niki B.
    Jul 2021

    Don't get botox here!!! The nurse who administered it, is a rookie! I told her that I did not want droopy eyelids or Spock eyebrows. I also know more than 20 units can be too much for me. So she super froze the middle of my forehead and went right onto my brows, so I had an eyelid drooping from it and I couldn't drive. Two devils horn like bumps were created over my eyebrows, that I have never had before, because of freezing the center and not the other muscles above the brows properly, as she should've just shot 1" above the brows to avoid dropping and freeze other parts of forehead to avoid making the muscles overworking and creating the bump. (I just learn it from the person who administered it afterwards at a different facility properly.) So they said to go back in 4 weeks and they'd fix it. Of course the nurse said she told me 20 units would not be enough and I promised not to complain if I was dissatisfied with the result. I told her I didn't want to be fully frozen, so I'd be fine with that, and I was not dissatisfied of not being fully frozen, but of a bad administration and allocation of the product. I had botox for over 2 years and never more that 20 units. When it is administered properly it doesn't droop my eyelids, and ditn create a bump above the brows. She then refused to touch the area again, of course saying that I might complain. ‍ I went there to get it fixed not to complain, I would've been satisfied if she had, but it seemed like she had no idea how to fix it, ans she wouldn't have wanted to add some more units on certain areas to counter balance, as that would've been a loss $ for her so she refused to. Bad customer service, besides a bad botox job!!

  • Katrina R.
    Jun 2021

    I purchased a 60 minute massage, 30 minute wrap voucher on Groupon because I have been experiencing back pain. Upon arriving, I was taken to an office where an employee was trying to get me to purchase additional services. I explained that I was not interested at this time and she directed me to my massage room. Overall, I have to say the massage was really great! My masseuse, Sherry, could feel the tightness in my back and she was very firm in these areas. I've received massages in the past at other places and compared to other places, Ms. Slim seemed to use the bare minimum. For example, only a small towel covered my body. It didn't even extend across my full body. And the lotion that was used seemed to be a little cheap and left my body a little itchy afterward. Not to mention, the massage table was a little uncomfortable. During the massage, my masseuse had her phone ringer on and it was very distracting hearing her phone ding every few seconds (i assume she was in a group text and many people were conversing via text because she was getting message after message). When my massage finished, I went to the front where the receptionist was really pushing me to purchase a deal where I'd get 10 massages for $600. I continually told her I was not interested but she was pushing so hard. She eventually got the hint but it was very off putting. During this back and forth, my masseuse came with an envelope with "tips for sherry" written across the top. The receptionist told me I should tip her if I enjoyed the massage. I was already planning on giving her a tip but they were being too pushy about it. Lastly, despite the fact that I paid for the massage AND wrap, I did not get the wrap service. It did not occur to me until after I had left. I didn't really feel like going back and dealing with another round of sales pitches. I'm summary, while the massage itself was great, I feel that the quality of materials used was pretty cheap and the pressure from employees to purchase other services was very odd putting. I will not return in the future.

  • Li W.
    Jun 2021

    When you walked out the room , they will come to your give you a service promotion(sell a packages ) . I really don't like one thing for them is force you to give tips. Shame of them , I directly gave to people service me. Don't ask me anymore.

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