• Kristy Lee
    Nov 2019

    Very friendly and wonderful work!

  • Debby Benton
    Oct 2019

    Great job

  • Aleksis Moreno
    Aug 2019

    Great experience I love how my nails came out sooooooooo beautiful this place is great clean and honestly good atmosphere. Prices to me are fine and I will be coming back!! Thank you

  • Joanie Fletcher
    Jul 2019

    Heidi is amazing! I have been going to her for some time (years). This new place is nice and clean. Everyone here is supper kind!

  • queen alissa
    Jul 2019

    this is the best nail salon i’ve been to ! they did a fabulously thorough job and all my girls were so satisfied with the service they provided. highly recommend and will be going back !

  • Melody Pierson
    Jul 2019

    Very friendly & great service. Took the time to make sure my nails were perfect.

  • Mia F.
    Jun 2019

    I got my nails did and I'm always afraid to try new places. So I went in afraid but came out surprised

  • Scott S.
    Jun 2019

    This is Lori Sangster ..... I love this place great atmosphere so clean and Heidi does great work

  • Denise D.
    Jun 2019

    Nice and clean nail salon with state of the art pedicure chairs. They also have facial services including waxing. The staff is courteous & helpful.

  • Rasheda S.
    Jun 2019

    I love going to "Today Nail and Spa" to get my nails done! As a customer, I am always treated with respect. When I enter the door everyone says "Hi". This is a nice, clean, and smoothing atmosphere where I enjoy going to because it is relaxing. My manicurist treats me with kindness. She always asks me, "Which color would I like?" If, the color powder is not there she takes the time to make it. I have been to many nail shops. I love it here. You should try "Today Nail and Spa" , you will like it here .

  • Andrea V.
    Jun 2019

    I would start with my sisters nail experience. She asked for medium size nails. The entire time they were laughing at how long the size was. She chose a turquoise color and they were judging the color she chose. We went in with a discount but they didn't give us the exact discount ! Also me and my sister were having a conversation and we were giggling and the guys straight up told her "be quiet, shut up". Since my sister got medium size nails he was joking how she doesn't do anything at home with those nails because they're too long. It took them more than 1 1/2 hour to get her nails done and they didn't tell her to wash her hands before painting them. So the nails are all bumpy and crooked. She also asked for coffin and they did stiletto for sure. For my nails I got all white and the guy said I needed a pop of color so he went and grabbed a bright blue polish to paint 1 nail without asking me ! I said no! So then he still painted 1 nail in Gold -_-. Ugh everything went wrong with this visit. I hope they respect clients choices and they mind their own business.

  • Kiara G.
    Jun 2019

    VERY kind and welcoming employees. They were quick and did a very good job! Took them about an hour to do both my gel manicure and pedicure. Would definitely come back!

  • Roxie C.
    Jun 2019

    I have been going to Yen for many years. She does impeccable work, she is awesome. This new nail salon is amazing. Everyone that works here is so kind and all do great work. My manicures and pedicures are perfect and last a long time. I love coming here. It's so relaxing. Come in and check them out!

  • Jonna St.John
    Jun 2019

    Heidi and Yen are awesome! Beautiful new salon! Highly recommended!

  • Sandra Andretti
    Jun 2019

    Yen is amazing. Her pedicures are relaxing. i have fallen asleep on many occasions. She is consistent and very detailed. She does not disappoint. I highly recommend her.

  • Roxie Hanson Critton
    Jun 2019

    Yen is amazing. I’ve been going to her for years. My manicures and pedicures are always on point. She does impeccable work. You will not be disappointed!

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