• Gurmeet K.
    Dec 2021

    I start coming here since February one of my friend told me about this place! The store was so clean and the girls were really nice to me. there work was Amazing!!! I really loved it how they work on my eyebrows now this is my place

  • Alycia H.
    Nov 2021

    First time, and yes it hurts but it's worth it. It just goes so much faster than plucking my own because mine are so thick. the lady there made as quick as possible and put some sort of gel, I think maybe aloe vera? I feel so much better with them cleaned up. Will be back soon ^_^

  • Gina H.
    Nov 2021

    When I went in a month ago, the technician was basically starting with a clean slate since it was the first time I'd had somebody do my brows for me since covid started last year. The shape was perfect and the tint lasted a long time. I dropped in last weekend to have them tinted. My eyebrows are medium blond and sort of sparse. They take a really long time to grow in, which is why I hadn't planned I'm doing anything more than a tint. The technician said I had a few hairs to clean up. I told her I didn't think I needed much done but if there were some stray hairs taking them off would be fine. I also told her that I don't like an arch to make sure that's not what she was talking about or wanting to do. She ruined the shape of my brows. She took off the lower portion of both (not just the baby hairs) so they're too thin, gave me an arch, and made the space between my eyebrows too wide. The technician didn't listen to what I said at all. Very disappointed. It will take months for them to grow back in enough for me to have someone else reshape them.

  • Bushra M.
    Nov 2021

    First time here to do my eyebrows ... I love this location bcoz very clean and good customer Service... Sunny does excellent job ...she is very friendly ......and pieces ($12:00 only for eyebrows) will definitely come back... Great experience

  • Olivia S.
    Oct 2021

    I'm super picky/particular about my eyebrows and literally don't trust ANYONE but... ALKA is amazing!! highly highly recommend alka. she is the best of the best. never misses a beat, and I will never go to anyone else.

  • Anna M.
    Sep 2021

    They do a great job on my eyebrows, are quick and not expensive. Sometimes parking is a little hard to find because they are at the Palladio. There is hardly ever a line and if there is, it goes quick.

  • K C.
    Jul 2021

    Best eyebrow threading I have ever gotten and I am super picky. Do not hesitate to go!

  • Sudarshana Hore
    Jun 2021

    They do a great job with my eyebrows

  • Susan C.
    May 2021

    I visit this salon on a regular basis. I really use to like the cosmetologists. Recently-not so much. Change of staff. Unfriendly. They speak to one other in Hindu, or some other (Indian dialect) and it is rude. Better yet, just do the job and cut out the chatter. When I travel internationally I always attempt to speak the national language of the country. Good customer service is key. Where is Uzma?

  • Felicia V.
    Apr 2021

    This was my second time coming in, first time was phenomenal and it was the first time I left an eyebrow place feeling amazing in a long time! 2nd time, the lady rushed and I was in and out in 5 minutes which is nice, but it was so painful how quickly she was going, im not sure why she was rushing so much I was the only person in the store at that time. My eyebrows were thinned out too much, i love this place still and will be coming back! Not my favorite experience but i look forward to getting my eyebrows done again :)

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