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  • Nancy Jackson
    Nov 2022

    Excellent massage school. The price was reasonable compared to other schools. What I loved the most was all the different classes offered. Just when I thought I knew massage therapy, I would learn something new every time I would take a new class that was offered at MTI. I can tell the director of the school was very particular about the instructors she has teaching her students at MTI because every instructor I had from all the different classes I took were excellent.

  • Darren Yee
    Apr 2022

    The best school. Great classes and top instructors.

  • Darren Y.
    Apr 2022

    The best school. Great classes and top instructors. I graduated over 10 years ago from here and use many of the techniques that I learned here on people who couldn't find help anywhere else.

  • Mark Cooley
    Sep 2019

    They offer individual classes so you can study the topics you want and complete the program at your own pace. The instructors are working massage therapists and teach their specialties. Individual classes also gives you a chance to meet more students for practice. Some of the students are long time therapists there to learn a specific topic so you also learn from them.

  • Kimberly Austin
    Jun 2019

    This is a great school. I had a 4 day class here and it was great. I loved the teacher and the content (reflexology), and the price was the best in the area. If you are looking for continuing education units, this is the right school.

  • Mako M.
    May 2019

    When I decided I wanted to go to massage school, I was so happy to find a school right in the heart of Davis, so accessible and just all around a great experience. It was amazing when Julie ran the school, and it's even better now that Georgia has taken over. Still the high quality training from spectacular instructors -- I have learned wayyy more than bodywork through my training at MTI and beyond. It's an amazing starting point to get a fundamental solid foundation, and to explore a wide range of modalities to cater to your individuality. Bodywork training never ends, and MTI is a great place to begin your bodywork practice and a great place to continually expanding your art as well.

  • Beth Youngdoff
    Jan 2019

    Simply the best school I found. When I decided to pursue bodywork as a post-retirement career, I looked at three schools within driving distance. MTI was the best for me, because it offered a flexible program at a reasonable price (factoring in travel and parking.)

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