• Cora S.
    Nov 2021

    Really cute place but high prices for low quality. They did the gel manicure during the pedicure which meant they were working at an angle, resulting in slight unevenness in the nail shape. They were so rushed in prepping the nail (even right when they opened and it was empty) that they cut my friend above her cuticle and didn't say anything. The gel manicure was probably like 15 minutes which is crazy. They don't spend enough time prepping the nail which resulted in lifting on some nails the next day. There was even some slight flooding of the cuticle and this gel mani was simple. It felt so rushed, and they were putting our shoes on before the toe nails even had a minute to set, resulting in denting on the big toe, which is ridiculous considering our group was not even done yet. They were just trying to finish the service asap. The price was double compared to other places, and they didn't even offer us champagne while other customers received it. Don't be fooled by cute places. Their work is mediocre and overpriced.

  • Rebekah L.
    Nov 2021

    Annie helped me with a $34 pedicure yesterday. It was my first time here. She was really nice. The place is definitely one of the nicer nail shops in OC. The front desk staff wasn't all that friendly. Once home I noticed how awful my nails and polish looked. They weren't cut straight and the polish was just awful. I have three events to attend this coming weekend and a poor pedicure isn't helpful. I won't be returning to GLO.

  • Isabella T.
    Oct 2021

    I really liked the options available, everything was well sanitized and organized, and the girls there were an absolute delight. They were kind and very professional and good at their craft. The only thing is that I do have a latex allergy, and they don't keep any non-latex gloves on site. When I got there they asked if I had brought my own alternative gloves, which I didn't know that I needed, which was a bit disappointing, but everyone was very kind and the online booking system works very well.

  • Sasha Taggart
    Oct 2021

    Best nail salon ever for design and longevity.

  • Gretch F.
    Oct 2021

    Honestly I was super let down by this place. I saved a $100 gift card I received to get my nails done before a wedding I am in and was excited to go to this "posh" salon. It was really hard to get an appointment so I went on a Wednesday morning. (I expected it to be packed and it was empty). The manicurist was super unfriendly and seemed really annoyed she had to take off my dip polish (FYI this place does not do dip and I was super bummed because I wanted ombré). After I got home I realized all my nails are a bit uneven in length (like my middle finger nail is longer than my ring finger etc). My pedicurist was great (fyi there is no massage chair just an uncomfortable bench). When she put my sandals on and said you're done - I went to get down from the tall booth & it slipped and it hit my big toe and messed up the polish. They had to redo it (did it so fast but was nice) and this is the job they did (see pic). I am so disappointed it looks awful & about my overall experience here. I recommend going elsewhere.

  • Faye Clement
    Oct 2021

    Suberp customer service and relaxation

  • Diana Solman
    Oct 2021

    Great experience ?

  • April Y.
    Sep 2021

    | PROS | + Very glam inside + Plenty of parking + Friendly employees + Lots of colors to choose from + You can get free water. They also offer other beverages (champagne) + Got a pedicure here and it was great. There are tons of options to choose from. | CONS | - Their pedicure area is different than what I'm used to. You're sitting on this bench, which is pretty uncomfortable. There's no massage chair and the water you soak your feet in is just a tub.

  • Jonathan M.
    Sep 2021

    My friend came here and got some 5-star gel nails. But then one fell off three hours later. So I'm going with four stars.

  • Nayeli P.
    Aug 2021

    KK is the absolute best, I followed her from a different salon because she's the only one who gets my nails right. She is an absolute PRO at stiletto acrylics, I always look forward to my appointments.

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