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  • Heart of Dixie Dog Training LLC
    Feb 2024

    As a trainer sometimes you can encounter stuck points and need to reach out to others in your industry for help. I found K9 Optima scrolling social media one day and decided to sign up for a virtual trainer coaching session with Josh. Well one session led to a few more and ultimately a professional ongoing relationship. Josh has twice the amount of time and experience than I do in the dog training industry. His experience and expertise helped me tremendously to better understand how to help my clients on some tough cases I was working on. He cares a lot about who he helps and contacted me numerous times after each virtual session to follow-up with me and see if I had any questions or concerns. I an industry where for whatever reason it can be cutthroat and toxic between trainers. Josh goes above and beyond and doesn't gatekeep any information. If you're an aspiring trainer that is looking for great mentorship or an experienced trainer like myself. Josh is who you definitely want to work with!

  • Bridget Hammond
    Feb 2024

    As a fellow trainer, my experience with Josh of K9 Optima has shown him to be a phenomenal example of transparency, knowledge, effectiveness and compassion in training. Owners and trainers alike learn across his platforms and in person.

  • Samantha Magoon
    Feb 2024

    I had a great experience bringing my newly rescued dog here! Even just doing one lesson I learned so much about my dog and what style works best for her

  • Desiree Shaver
    Feb 2024

    I had a session with Josh in January with my reactive dog Kiyoko. In one session with him I feel like I walked away with a much greater understanding of ways to help my dog succeed. I'm sure we will need more training than one session, or I will require more training but Josh definitely gave me ways to work with my dog on a daily basis to help my girl become her best self.Don't pay attention to the couple of negative reviews. Those are people that are mad at his instagram/social media content. You should check it out, you may gain a new respect for him afterwards.

  • LaDonna Adam
    Feb 2024

    Josh saved my dog!I was so worried about him being aggressive and Josh tought me how to recognize my behavior and my dogs and how we could turn it all around. Thank you Josh and K9 Optima!

  • Shelley Paulson
    Feb 2024

    We had a virtual consult with Josh to explore why the addition of a spirited French bulldog was causing reactivity towards other dogs in our couch hippo American Bulldog mix. This was very informative and helped guide our plan to focus on the behavioral needs of the Frenchie, aka a defanged malinois (homage to one of his funniest videos about the French Bulldog that couldn’t be more accurate). I wish we lived closer to access in person training and board and train services. I enjoy watching his training videos.

  • Chelsea Haskins
    Feb 2024

    Josh has been such a help to our family! His stance on how to training was the perfect fit for us. We brought one of our dogs to Josh when we believed our dog was showing aggression signs. He quickly was able to identify that our dog wasn't aggressive, there was dynamics playing out in house between all dogs that created a level of tension. He provided us with tools to diffuse the house when we noticed signs that he identified that would lead to a scuffle. We saw no further aggressive behaviors from any of our dogs. We started focusing more on ensuring our dog that Josh saw was receiving one on one attention. This dog has never been one to listen to commands. 1 hour with Josh and she was trained on how to sit, lay down, and "place" with hand motions only! He has opened our eyes to the unending ways we can work with her. I can't thank him enough. I highly recommend K9 Optima for anyone experiencing aggression issues. He is kind, compassionate, and truly does this to enrich the lives of the dogs he works with.

  • Dan Couch
    Feb 2024

    If you are feeling confused, frustrated, anxious, or sad about your dog's behavior, Josh is the guy to go to for help. He's kind, thoughtful, educated, and effective at working with your dog to find out what their needs are so that you can work with them together to make them feel safe. He very clearly loves dogs, and has the experience and tools to get to know your dog very well, and to give it the training and care it needs and deserves. I drove from San Francisco to work with him, and it was 100% worth it.If you don't know how to help your dog, GO TO JOSH!!!

  • Lisa Burton
    Feb 2024

    So thankful for Josh as an experienced dog trainer to help me with my rambunctious golden puppy. He had the remedies for the job. I would highly recommend him.

  • Juanitta Burgess
    Feb 2024

    I set up a training session for my blind German Shepard puppy and he was very upfront that this was not his strong suit. He took the time to reach out and network to find me another trainer who handles blind and deaf dogs. He was incredible professional and helpful. I will take my next do to him for reactionary work

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K9 Optima

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