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  • Jboogie L.
    Oct 2019

    I like Asian facials but sometimes it costs too much for a 90 minute session. Eyebrow threading is an additional $20. Street parking and it's a personalized quiet area.

  • Veronica C.
    Jan 2019

    After having called Yen to inquire on her services and having set up an appointment, I went in for a facial to clear up some imprefections I have. Yen did an excellent job and even provided advise on products/brands and everyday techniques I can use to upkeep my complexion. Highly recommend!

  • Krystal F.
    Jan 2019

    Went during store hours and it was closed.. terribly unprofessional. Called and she said it's by appointment only even though I visited before and just did a walk in.

  • Jackie H.
    Sep 2018

    UPDATE 2 Hello lovelies, I wanted to show another update after my last six month review. It's been 5 months since that update which brings it all together about a year since my very first visit with Yin. She be keeping me beautiful and helping me save $$$. Reasonable facials without the commitment to packages or types of facial. No more splurging on unnecessary skincare products, just a few good essentials that WORK. It's also a plus that she never pushes products or premium facials. She:LL make her suggestion and it's all up to you. She understands and she's not there to take all your money like some places. I'm looking at you,. My experiences are consistently good. I have noticed brighter and more even skin. My pores are noticeably smaller as they aren't clogged. Most importantly, the corners of my mouth are fading. Hallelujah!!! Nothing more unattractive than an acne scare beard complimented by dark mouth corners. I want to also point out the reality of facials. They work, but at different pace for everyone. Your progress is heavily dependent on lifestyle (sleep schedule, eating habits), hygiene (consistently washing your face/applying products, and facials) and genetics. Anyway, I'll end this update with a picture a day after my most recent facial on 9/23/18.

  • CJ B.
    Oct 2017

    I started coming to this place and getting my facial treatments from Yin (she's the owner) since last year and never once have I had a bad experience. The new location is great..plenty of parking and just a few minutes from the Arcadia Gold Line Station if you decide to just hop on the train. Yin is wonderful at what she does and very knowledgeable when it comes to skin care. I think what made me feel at ease with Yin is knowing I'm getting facial treatments from somebody whose skin is flawless. Getting facials once a month is my way of relaxation and rejuvenation, and Venus Beauty Galleria always comes through for me..thanks Yin!

  • Jennifer L.
    Feb 2017

    Yin is great. I highly recommend her. Ever since I had my first appointment with her 7 years ago, I never thought to change to another facial place. My skin feels moisturized and smooth after the treatment every time. Yin's very professional, gentle and knows what's the best to my skin. She keeps her place clean and nice. Ask for Yin and you will know it's totally worth it.

  • Katie T.
    Feb 2017

    Do you suffer from any of the following?: 1. Acne 2. Scarring 3. General Ugliness Do any of the following sound appealing/desirable to you?: 1. Clean, smooth, healthy skin 2. Less skin pigmentation and smaller pore size 3. Improved Mandarin/Cantonese skills (Yes, you read that correctly) If you've answered yes to any of the above options, then look no further. You've found the right esthetician. I started coming to Yin a just over a year ago when I noticed that, despite the many products I had tried and dermatologists I had visited, my blackheads were getting noticeably worse and my acne (both whiteheads and stubborn cystic acne) was just refusing to die. Yin was very polite and caring towards my concerns and was immediately able to prescribe a treatment plan for my skin that initially involved weekly visits and gradually turned into bi-weekly visits as my face improved. And, boy, has my face improved. Not only is my face pretty much one single color (I had no idea you could get rid of scars that fast), but I also havent had any issues with cystic acne or crazy breakouts in over a year. My blackheads are manageable and I'm actually proud of my skin to the point where I haven't touched foundation/cover-up in over a year (except for the occasional fancy event that demands makeup). Yin even helped me shape my eyebrows (which are now ON POINT) and get rid of scars on my back that have seriously injured my self-esteem during swim season for the last eight years. If that isn't enough proof for you to take yourself and all your hormonal, teenage children to see Yin, then you should also note that she speaks four languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese and some other dialect of Chinese) and is more than happy to teach you vocabulary during appointments and speak to you in whatever language you're most comfortable in. I now know the Mandarin words for "dentist" and "skin" because of Yin's awesome unofficial skills as a Mandarin teacher. Now, I know what you're thinking: 1. This particular review is amazing, but this lady has less than 20 reviews. How reliable could this rating be? What if this girl is just one outlier case of stellar skincare and I don't have the same results? 2. Do I really want to go through the pain commonly associated with facials/eyebrow plucking/etc.? What if it's not worth it? Aren't facials expensive? 3. Maybe I should just go to a big fancy spa that's way more expensive (because somehow I think that this will ensure higher quality). Allow me to provide some background info to eliminate these qualms: 1. Many of Yin's clients are Mandarin/Cantonese speakers who just don't feel comfortable writing reviews on Yelp in English, which explains the small amount of reviews. What you should really be looking at is the quality of her reviews rather than the quantity. Almost everyone on here has nothing but good things to say -- that's a good sign. 2. Yin is so gentle with skin that I never even know when she's doing my eyebrows - I literally feel nothing. I didn't know it was possible to rip out hair without pain (it sounds too good to be true, I know). As far as blackhead removal, all I feel is some poking on my face but it's definitely nothing to wince over. If you do some research on facial prices you'll see that Yin's price range is extremely reasonable and once you see the results, you'll understand that her services are a bargain. However, I do think that pain and prices are going to be subjective to whoever's getting the treatment, so the only way to truly put this issue to rest is to schedule an appointment and see for yourself. 3. This is like saying that the Michael Kors bag you see at the Michael Kors store for $350 is somehow not as good as the exact same Michael Kors bag that made it's way to TJ Maxx for $50. It's just not true. If you read this entire revie

  • Angie M.
    Oct 2014

    I was here a few months ago and forgot to review it. Anyway I called and made a same day appointment. The lady was really nice, facial was inexpensive with extractions. My face was left feeling soft, clean, and I felt completely relaxed. I need to go back soon. :-)

  • Kat S.
    Apr 2012

    This place is a gem. I want to keep it secret so I can always get appointment anytime but Yin is such a sweetheart that I just have to share her with my girlfriends. As a matter of fact, my best friend from New York was tempted to move to Los Angeles after a facial with her! Yin is very gentle when cleaning my face even if she has to do extraction. My face will not look red or splotchy after her facial. In this busy world, what I need is a personalized service that's no nonsense. None of the big fancy spa with the many bells and whistles along with a long waiting that usually involved with the whole 'spa experience'. May be if I'm on a vacation in a resort. One hour of facial, mask, massage, eyebrows trim and facial hair threading for a fraction of what a day spa would charge me. She will be honest and tells you if you need to take better care of your skin. She doesn't push products, mind you. If the service doesn't convince you, just look at Yin's skin. That's skill being put to real personal use. P.S. If you tell her that you want to regularly come for facial every x (month, 2 weeks, etc) Yin will make sure to remind you (via text or call) of your upcoming facial in that week. I like this service. I don't have to remind myself or add it to my calendar.

  • Wendie G.
    Dec 2011

    I was recommended by my girlfriend to see Yen here 2 weeks before my wedding. My face was breaking out severely with all the stresses that I had over the wedding planing and work schedule. She was great helping me with the last minute fix-up for my face and my back, and I return to normal by the time I needed myself to be looking good. I have gone there ever since and it has been 3 months by now. I bought the package and have been going every 2 weeks. Yen has been very consistent and thorough, and she informs me of any change each facial. (mask change, equipment change, etc.) The best part is that she could always tell if I didn't sleep well the night before or I was stressed by massage. Some spas or facial clinics might push for the products, but Yen doesn't. The only time I bought the product was because I specifically asked her for it. Honestly, I have tried many many spas and facial clinics in the past 10 years, and Yen is the best so far. I strongly recommend her to everyone!

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Venus Beauty Galleria

145 E Duarte Rd # A, Arcadia

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