• Danny Garcia
    Mar 2021

    Only do asian

  • Chuck M.
    Sep 2019

    The only MAGIC you will see from this place is your money disappearing from your wallet. The lady gave me a poor message and demanded that I gave her $20.00 tip. Hey message lady, if you want a good tip, give a good service. You will get a better message from the message chair that you see in the car wash. Don't waste your money here.

  • Bruce Miller
    May 2019

    Relaxing and calming atmosphere to enjoy yourself and the attractive staff.

  • Larry Brack
    May 2019

    Great hair cuts

    Oct 2018

    Nice place ...excellent massage therapist ...full hour massage.

  • Yovilonda L.
    Jul 2017

    My experience here was so terrible that I created an account just to write this review. Things didn't start off too well with a language difference. I tried to understand what the "table wash" on the menu was but instead of explaining to me, the masseuse kept asking me to pay money. It's a one person show: the receptionist is also the masseuse. It would've helped to let me know she was still working on another person and that I'd have to wait 10-15 minutes naked in the next room. When the massage finally started, the masseuse kept texting her friend and her iPhone beeped for every text message received and sent. She also answered two phone calls; I understand enough Mandarin to know what she was talking about, and they weren't even work related. She left the room for nearly three minutes without notice to get some hot towels. She proceeded to text friends during this period. Masseuse asked me to tip her on my way out. I don't know how she had the gonads to ask for something like that. About the massage: it was $50, but it felt the same as a $30 massage I would've received elsewhere. Save yourself time, money, and anguish by going somewhere else.

  • Melanie H.
    Feb 2016

    I went to try this place since I've never been there. I walked in for my scheduled appoint and was asked to pay up front and tip, too. Minimum tip was $10 which is absurd to be required prior to massage. They also have a $2 charge to use a credit card. I told them no thanks, and left.

  • David C.
    May 2014

    The massage was quite nice. The ambience was great. It was very clean. She made sure to go hard on the problem areas and it was effective. The female masseuse was very courteous, helpful, and attentive to small details of helping me feel comfortable. Ie getting a pillow to help me position better cause my face was getting a bit sore and a blanket when I was cold. I did not have to ask for any of these things; she just noticed. There have not been reviews for quite some time, but now it is 2014 and they seemed pretty good to me. A small note is that one of the ladies kept insisting for money first. It was a bit offputting, but I don't think she meant to come off as aggressive ... with English as a second language for her, I think it was forgivable. She seemed nice overall.

  • Eugi H.
    Mar 2011

    I probably just stepped out of one of the most unorthodox but sterile and, shall we say, interesting brazilian waxes I have had to date. I had time to kill before my bf got off work and I had been trying to find said time to get a wax all week, so I got onto yelp and looked up a place close by that was able to take me. Magic hands spa was close so there I went! The shop looked a little shady on the outside, inside was ok. They had naturey music and the room smelled like flowers. I asked if anyone was there and a lady came out from the office. Asked if they an any open slots for a Brazilian and she went back to ask. Another lady, Amanda, came out and said she was in the middle of an appointment but could take me in 25 minutes. No problem, I just sat in the reception area typing another yelp review while I waited ;). When she was ready she came out and got me and showed me the room. It was decent, definitely not the worst I've been in, it was tidy and clean. It also smelled like Chinese herbal medicine, lol. I undressed and waited. Now this was the Unorthodox, albeit very sterile, part. When Amanda came in, she went to check the wax. Then went to wash her hands. She scrubbed way up past her elbows. She then proceeded to use clorox wipes, the kind you wipe down tables and counters with, to wipe her hands and arms. Um, I'm not sure if that's what they're used for, but ok. Then she put on gloves. It looked as if she was prepping for surgery! And with her scrub outfit, she definitely looked the part! I can say that she definitely killed whatever germs sheet have had on her skin. The wax itself was a novel experience too, as it was my first time having hard wax used on me. It was half soft wax, half hard. I dont know that I care for hard wax. The ripping off the wax part was less painful than soft wax, but it was at a much higher temperature which I did not enjoy. Afterwards, she used oil to remove the wax residue and then proceeded to use another clorox wipe to wipe ME down. Um...I feel germ free? Overall though, it was a very good and clean job. She doesn't try to make chitchat which I appreciated and she was very thorough. My skin wasn't red in the end like some waxes leave me. And at $55, it was a standard price. Overall, I would say a good job. If I'm ever in the 626 area in the same boat I was today, I think I would swing by again.

  • Angela P.
    Feb 2010

    based on great Yelp reviews, I booked my appointment since I was sore from snowboarding. When I arrived the place was empty and we had to ring a bell several times to have the people come out. This lady came out of some room looking like she just woke up. When I told her "I'm here for my massage" she looked confused..... Then, another lady came out saying that the masseuse is with someone else who decided to walk in! Terrible service.. and really sketchy place..... I don't write too many reviews, but I had to comment on this one since I don't want anyone else fooled by the good reviews that it has.

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