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40 N First Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006
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  • Destiny V.
    Jun 2021

    I am so thankful to have found the utmost detailed oriented, caring, client-centered stylist a girl could ever dream of. I kid you not, Christine is a dream come true when it comes to my hair. No one could ever get it right before. I have horrendously thick, straight, heavy hair.. but she gets the texture, cut, and color right every single time. I highly recommend giving her a try if you're looking for hair style/cut/color quality and friendship all in one :)

  • Izzy Meek
    Apr 2021

    I had the most amazing experience at Christines beauty bar! I’m 23 and have never dyed my hair before but have been wanting a balyage for a few years! I moved to Corralejo last September and I was nervous about trying a new salon away from home ( the UK) but after seeing the beautiful pictures of Christines work on Facebook I knew I had to visit her salon and have my hair done! After a consultation , I visited the salon today. Christine spent so long making sure my hair was blended, whilst using the top products and ensuring my hair was protected and that I liked the final look. I am so so happy with the end result and really appreciate Christines hard work and the hours she spent on my hair. I live in Corralejo and was 100% worth the visit to Puerto for the salon

  • Olga Olgui
    Apr 2021

    Gracias, Christina por gran resultado! Me encanta! Trato excelente, lugar muy limpio y bonito!

  • Sharon Weaver
    Jan 2021

    Very lovely experience!! totally relaxing head washing massage.

  • Sheya M.
    Dec 2020

    Christine is absolutely AMAZING! She is very detail oriented and meticulous when it comes to NBR. She really takes the time to make sure you get exactly what you want. She is super talented and goes the extra mile to make sure you're comfortable and that her work exceeds expectations. Not only is she stunning at her NBR craft but she is one of the most fun, genuine and hilarious people ever- I'm always so excited to sit in her chair and look forward to my appointment for weeks!

  • Eileen O.
    Sep 2020

    Christine is really, truly the best. She patiently answered my numerous questions (I was an extension virgin so I had MANY) before my appointment. Once we were finally allowed to meet at her cute salon she quickly, perfectly, artistically put in my nbr extensions, the color was SPOT ON! She then trimmed and curled my hair..I felt like a queen! I finally have the thick, luscious hair I've always wanted. It's so beautiful, easy and low maintenance. I basically wake up, brush and go. Christine's customer service is immediate and accommodating. Meeting me and answering any questions I have. Thank you Christine for making me feel and look so good!

  • Adreana C.
    Sep 2020

    Ok so first let me start by saying that I've been coloring my hair and getting extensions since about 16 years old. I've been to so many different hair dressers and I've tried so many different extensions. I've had so many hair dressers that did amazing on my hair but the customer service was just not there. If I'm spending hours with someone in a salon I want to feel comfortable and have some fun! I've went to the Instagram famous people, the most expensive people and I just never found what I was looking for. UNTIL, I met this amazing women who not only did such an amazing job on my hair, squeezed me in to accommodate me AND gave me the most perfect experience! I went for hair color and her NBR extensions which I've never tried before this. I had box dye in my hair because I had just had a baby a few months prior, we went on a nationwide lock down and postpartum was hitting me hard. So when I found her I was worried she wasn't going to be able to give me the look I had wanted due to the box dye. So I set low expectations. Well let me tell you. She executed my color and gave me the best extensions I've ever had. I walked out feeling so amazing about myself. She is literally the definition of a perfect hair dresser. If you are like me and you not only want someone who will go above and beyond on your hair but someone who will give you the best customer service she is your girl! She is the one to blame for all my confidence now! Lol

  • Evan G.
    Jan 2020

    Yelp review for Brianne - Considering I'm a dude, one would think this review would be strictly for those needing a guy's cuts, but that one person would actually be wrong because my girlfriend also consistently gets her cuts with Brianne, whom this review is about, and she has the same positive things to say. And I'm still finding my gf pretty hot and dating her, so, it's definitely a universal review for anyone needing a new + more-than fairly priced hair dresser/stylist -- I don't really know the correct terminology, but ya'know - that person that can either make or break your hair game with a pair of scissors. And Brianne has made ^this^ guy's game so much more full of confidence with my hair and where I'm spending money to get it cut at. To those that don't really try with the head of hair they've got right now because you don't think: 1. There's a style out there you could really get with or that works for you. 2. You haven't tried a hairdresser outside of Super-Cuts (or a place similar to) or, when you did, you were sorely let down and told yourself you wouldn't spend that amount of money on a hair-dresser again. 3. Need a hairdresser that can honestly talk it out with you to see what you hair is capable of and which cuts would look nice on you. And also one that will also help you find products that work for you and show you how to use them. Not so she can up-sale you, but stuff that works. ( for instance, I had never used mousse or a hair-dryer before and they now save me 30 minutes in prep-time and give me a way cleaner finished product when I do my hair, also, I bought all of the stuff I use on amazon ) 4. Or you are just looking for someone who can offer you a friendly smile and conversation to you every time you sit in a chair for a cut. Then you'll want to check out Brianne, because I was in all these scenarios before I met her (: And, continuing on, if you are like I was, I struggled with a hairstyle I could wake up with and manage in the morning while feeling confident walking out the door 100% of the time for so many years. Sometimes I'd have a really messy look but my hair would get in my eyes too many times and looked way too shaggy when I needed to look nice, and then other times it'd be too much of a combed gel look on me that was so preppy looking. I knew I wanted it always somewhere in the middle, with that natural bed-head look. But no hair dresser could really get me there. My hair for me ended up causing more problems through my days at : work, school, gym, you name it! Basically more problems than any head of hair really should have. Brianne has solved all these problems and now gives me a cut I love. She listened to me for a good 20 minutes the first time I sat in her chair stumbling through what I wanted and helped figure it out with me while giving advice, for instance, I didn't think a circle cut in the back would look good but I like it way more than the square cut I got for years since it matches the shape of my head better. Every time I go in I get my hair washed and head massaged for about 8 minutes, then we go in for a cut. And she manages her time with her clients very well! She tells me that she knows her clients, whether they get very extreme cuts or if she knows they are often late, she always is on time for each client because she had properly managed her schedules out. Brianne has a beautiful spirit , a wonderful motherly personality , she is easy going / easy to talk to , and men , I don't mean to spill her beans because this is just a yelp review, but if any fine gentleman is out there needing a hair cut, has their life in order, and isn't like all the other D-bags she's told me about during our gossip chats-I mean- my hair cuts, she is on the market ( but I do think it would take a lot to win her over as she's one of a kind! ). Brianne has helped me by not only meeting my expectations, but takin

  • Maria G.
    Jan 2020

    Sammi is wonderful. She knew exactly what she was doing with my hair and was so warm and compassionate about something personal we discussed. Too bad I live too far away to be a regular client. This was hands down my best experience at any salon ever.

  • Helen L.
    Jan 2020

    Christine is truly the best! I used to never go to the hair salon because, more often than not, I left unhappy with the results. I am super peculiar about the way my hair is done and usually prefer to just do it myself. But then I decided that I wanted hair extensions for my wedding. That's when I found Christine. This was the best decision! She is professional and meticulous at what she does. She is down to earth and so easy to talk to. She worked her magic and gave me beautiful, long mermaid hair for my special day! This was my first time getting hair extensions and she was so thorough throughout the whole process. She explained every step and made sure it felt comfortable for me at all times. She is so knowledgeable and encourages good hair care for better, long lasting results. I listened to her and my grow out was just as beautiful and healthy as when I first got the extensions installed! I just went back for the move up and she delivered, once again! I could not recommend her enough!

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christine's beauty bar

40 N First Ave, Arcadia

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