• Danny Mcdaniel
    May 2021

    My 3 week old granddaughter is in here right now because she was congested. These so called doctors and nurses poked her 20+ times trying to draw blood and she didn't even need blood drawn. She has a cold. A common cold. Thinking about law suit!!!

  • Eddie C.
    Dec 2020

    Fuck this hospital 5 fucking hours for a fucking aspirin. This is the worst hospital ever. And ill keep weighting reviews till its closed down. Im already filing a law suit. This place is fucking pathetic excuse for a hospital. Staff shit wait time shit facilities shit Doctors dumb shits.

  • ray Sewell
    Oct 2020

    Vary great group of people working here vary professional and I thank each one of them

  • This Girl
    Aug 2020

    I recently gave birth at this hospital and had a better experience here than at any other hospital I’ve ever been to. All of the nurses in L&D were very gentle, kind and caring to my newborn and I. They did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and baby was healthy. I received 3 meals each day I spent there and was checked on regularly around the clock. I would recommend this place to anyone I know. Thank you for the amazing experience and for treating me so nicely.

  • Joshua Dean
    Aug 2020

    Today was the second time that this hospital didn’t follow ADA laws on a hearing impaired person. ADA states that a mode if communication must be. Allowed or a translator must be allowed to accompany the person with the the individuals. I was allowed neither and told to leave the hospital without care. The first time this hospital wouldn't allow my service dog.The employees of the hospital are not properly educated about ADA laws.Assert your right with them and file a complaint with the ADA. I know I am as of today.

  • Scott P.
    Aug 2020

    Excellent Staff and facilities. Very positive experience! While on vacation from Tennessee spent the night in Winslow and severe pain sent me searching for help. After reading negative reviews on Yelp About this place I was considering trying to drive back to Flagstaff. Finally the pain made the decision and I went to the emergency room here. Everyone , yes EVERYONE that I interacted with was professional , friendly and knowledgeable. The intake clerk , the nurses, the X-ray and ultrasound techs and the doctor were all friendly and knowledgeable . The only negative was the imaging results had to be "read" by docs in Flagstaff which was a delay but they eventually arrived.

  • Tisha McGlinn
    Jul 2020

    Couldn’t help with my the strong pain I was having on my abdominal which I had a cyst on and just told me to tough it out. BAD experience. Wouldn’t recommend this place to my friends and family they never came and checked on me just the dr giving me results and to discharge me.

  • Tara Matherly
    Mar 2020

    Pleasent experience, great nurses and staff. The doctor I seen was wonderful and very professional and understanding. Diagnosed my condition gave me some medication there and sent me home with the same prescription. Great hospital would highly recommend.

  • regina gil
    Mar 2020

    this hospital saved my life i take too many time but my review is here! thanks to all amazing nurses who take care of me and my daughter Saturday of 2016 i arrive with my daughter with pain so they told me i need a surgery i had a 22 cm cyst i was afraid cause i was alone with my 6 yrs girl so the lovely nurse help me taking care of my girl while i had surgery so next day Sunday mother's day of 2016 i was so afraid but this man and all the team made feel secure they promised me everything will be ok so it was i wake up and recover after that surgery and the most happy moment for me was after 3 day the ultrasound told me my baby still there that happened in may and in December my baby girl born healthy and in perfect condition no matter anesthesia and all pain killer take after surgery!! thanks to all of you hospital <3 the baby is here thanks to the excellent job you do with me!! in name of my baby and me thank you .

  • Kodiak Murray
    Mar 2020

    Hope they have gotten better from 3 years back. We have given them our insurance several times, they still send bills. They kept mixing up information with our medical records and never bothered even attempting to wash glass off of us after a horrific roll over accident. If you are LGBTQ+ just hope you never need emergency help near there. We are legally married and they gave us a hassle through the entire experience about knowing anything about each other.

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