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  • M Scott
    Sep 2022

    Sloppy over priced services. The salon manager was hovering so badly my tech didn't even complete the manicure correctly. It does not match my pedicure as a overlay was missed. I'm furious I spent so much money and time there. My tech was friendly but I won't be back

  • Erika Nava
    Sep 2022

    Nail’s themselves were good, the first tech wasn’t the nicest the second tech was friendly and made me feel comfortable. This set was $104. Price is high but nails are pretty long so idk. Overall I’m happy with them but I’m probably gonna try to find somewhere cheaper.

  • April L
    Sep 2022

    Extremely overpriced. My pedicure was fine at $35 but adding TWENTY DOLLARS for gel polish which takes 5 minutes to do, is price gouging. There are so many better, reasonable nail salons. Save your money.

  • Those Two Sisters
    Aug 2022

    Went to get my nails done for my birthday, and honestly I'm quite disappointed. The nail tech didn't remove all of my previous nail color, the polish was not applied evenly, my nails are all lumpy, and there is quite a bit of polish around my nails that I had to remove myself after I got home. The whole reason I decided to go out and get my nails done at a salon was because I wanted them to look better than what I could do at home, but I can honestly say that my nails would have looked better and I would have spent less money if I had just done them myself. Don't waste your time going here, listen to the reviews, choose a different nail salon.

  • Liliana Rangel
    Jul 2022

    Honestly, I only go to get my nails done here because there is ONE fabulous nail tech that does an exceptional job each and every time.Unfortunately, if that nail tech is not available I get horrible service each and every time. They're quick to charge but do not take the time to do the job right or even a decent job for that. Wrong color, warped nails, rude service and when I told the man running the place it was the wrong color he laughed it off, never apologized just took it as a joke, then charged me more!! After all of that they threw the receipt at me.I would NOT go here for my nails if it wasn't for that ONE AMAZING tech!

  • Kathy Robertson
    Jun 2022

    The customer service was the best part. My nails look like someone just learning did them. There's polish left on my finger, the polish isn't smooth and the worst part is that he cut my nail on the side down to the skin. meaning the side of my mask that should've been covered in acrylic want and my nail is no longer there. Then they had the audacity to over charge me. My pedi was 38 and my full set was 50. He charged me 119.50. Go somewhere else!!!!

  • Bell Brown
    Jun 2022

    I would not recommend this place when I went in and showed the guy how I wanted my nails he did nothing close to what I wanted like at all!! And then on top of that all of my nails where uneven and to keep on going 2 of my fingers were bleeding and I kept on saying that it hurts but he did not care until I finally pulled my hand away for how deep he cut into my finger, my other finger was tender and my nails look all bubbly and they were all scratched up not even surprised two of my nails came off in 4 days when I went in to get them fixed let me tell you they are so uneven the lady rushed on my nails I just got them fixed and there peeling already they use the same nail file on everybody witch I find unsanitary sense Ik I was bleeding what if someone else was to my nails are all lumpy they are so rude I also had nail glue all over my hands and I ended up paying 79 for nothing they were suppose to be my prom nails to

  • Liana Rooney
    Jun 2022

    I’m probably one of the most picky people when it comes to my nails. this salon is the only one i trust to do them right. i’ve never had a bad experience here. i truly recommend coming here, my whole family comes here 10/10

  • Hilary Brockley
    Mar 2022

    This was the worst pedicure that I have EVER had. Painful, rushed and poorly done. The second we arrived, they put us in the back where we sat for 15 minutes with no attention give to us. When we put on our shoes to leave, we were told they would be right with us. They did come over and put plastic bags in the tubs but that was just to pacify us. We finally got water flowing but that was about it for the next 10 minutes. The pedicure began and it was sooo incredibly painful. Don’t go here. Ever.

  • Jen Ford Olson
    Mar 2022

    I waited several days before posting this and I almost didn’t, but realized I wish I had known - so this is for the customers (sorry owners ). My experience was so bad it was emotional. My nail (pedicure) technician not only did a horrible job (see photos), she actually caused me physical pain (even after repeated requests to stop). And when confronted about the pain and quality she was not apologetic but defensive before walking off. The technician who did my manicure was better, but not by much. Rather than soak or file my dipped nails, she tore them off. Tearing my nails with them. When I asked her not to she responded ‘but look how easily they come off’ while popping off another as I grimaced in pain. When the whole horrific experience was over they did insist on having my toes completely redone (by a new technician). The end result of this do-over looked very nice and they offered $20 off my bill. The technician who did my manicure also did a very nice job, sans the pain and the fact we had to add tips to the nails she tore off with her crude removal. Additionally, I think it’s important to note while I was there two different individuals came in to complain that their nails had fallen off prematurely. I sincerely hope the owners take this feedback and work with their technicians to improve. The location is nice and has potential.

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