• Steph J.
    Dec 2020

    Great place. They do the best deep tissue massage and foot massage I have had so far. Sometimes they give more pressure during a massage, so it starts to hurt, and I tell them and they ease up on the pressure. They make me feel very comfortable, and even with the language barrier, they are really nice and try their best.

  • Internal Profits
    Nov 2020

    Got a 15 minute massage and it was quality massage for the price. Glad I found this place!

  • Bianca J Jeanpierre Romero
    Oct 2020

    Tiger tiger was great professional relieved all the stress I had in my neck and my shoulders I would definitely come back I paid $16. What a 15 minute massage felt like 20.

  • Yazmin Meza
    Oct 2020

    Little to rough on the pressure, tried telling them. They didnt listen.

  • Elizabeth M.
    Sep 2020

    Um... NO is all I can say about this place after today. I've gone here once before but it was a very different experience than I just had here today. I went in trying to explain that my upper back and shoulder hurt and they insisted on "full body". There was a language barrier so I just went with it. The guy took me in the back-back to a room I didn't even know was there. He had me lay down on a table (clothed) and began the massage. From the moment it started I felt his groin touching the top of my head - yuck. He was super rough which I expected from my experience last time, but even when I asked him to lighten up five or six times, he still was really hurting me. When he got to my arms he began this technique where he sat down in a chair next to me and rested my palm on his thigh! I was so creeped out. He was pulling my arm towards him and I think my fingers touched his groin area! I actually looked up to make sure he didn't have his dick out or something. He also kept massaging my butt - I don't remember telling him my glutes needing attention but whatever. When the 30 min was finally over, and I reluctantly went to pay, the guy INSISTED that I add a tip. I told him NO in several different ways and he got very upset that I did not tip. I took my card and bolted. All in all, it was a very memorable $35 battery and molestation.

  • Anna B.
    Jun 2020

    Why pay for a back message when I can just get one for free from my ex-boyfriends instead! I am not paying anybody to touch me!! Nor is somebody ever gonna or ever will pay me to touch them!! Get the way outta here you fools! So gross and disgusting! I don't know where your hands had been. Who actually stresses away for $60.00 for random people touching them for a whole complete hour. Most Counselor's, Therapists, Doctors, and Lawyers can't even help the average Joe people either on a regular day to day basis! Boy Bye!! #SoGross&Disgusting!!

  • Ivza Lopez
    Jun 2020

    Worst experience ever!!!!!! Charged $60 for what was explained to be a massage and foot cleanse which only ended up being a 30 minute cleanse and no massage . And the so called cleanse was just a 30 minute warm water foot soaking. After paying and finishing up putting my shoes on the employee comes up to me demanding a tip because their sales had been low. We then STILL proceeded to give the $5 which he replied with “fuck you” . WORST PLACE EVER , BIGGEST SCAM ????????

  • Greggory West
    Mar 2020

    Literally the best walk up massage

  • Stephanie Joey's Girl Jiles
    Feb 2020

    He massaged a little bit too hard for me. I hurt worse when I left than when I came in. I don't like that.

  • Amber Elizabeth
    Feb 2020

    I LOVE this place! I've gone several times since I discovered it 2yrs ago and am currently trying to make it a habit! Some reviews comment on the intensity of the sessions but it is important to know that reflexology is different from like your basic rubdown. Reflexology targets the more than 7000 nerve endings in the human foot which directly aids the flow of energy through the body to the areas affected by illness or stress. Breaking up the congestion can range from uncomfortable to quite painful. Just let them know if it becomes too much! **Kevin is the best for more sensitive people**Language barriers can make in-depth communication difficult but the staff are all pleasant and very intuitive therapists. MOST IMPORTANTLY: THE PRICES ARE UNBEATABLE FOR THE QUALITY, so much so I didn't renew my Massage Envy subscription.

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