• Amy Duree
    Sep 2021

    Absolutely hands down best place for DEEP tissue massage. My only complaint is too much pressure on my front neck area due to the face pillow which caused me a rash for a few days. It was worth it! But watch how much cash you pull out - they may ask for (and take) more than you planned on giving.Overall a STELLAR experience!!!

  • Natanael Samaniego
    Jun 2021

    I like. This place note only mens workinh here asia people

  • Sidney Chenoweth
    Apr 2021

    Came for the reviews AND THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Definitely coming back.

  • Linda Berzi
    Apr 2021

    A little too hard of pressure. If you are sensitive, be sure to say something.

  • Tiffany Corona
    Apr 2021

    After taking a road trip my shoulders hurt bad. Went here for my first massage ever and wow the quality for the low cost was outstanding. Will be there again. Friendly and clean. It is deep tissue so it might be uncomfortable for the moment but it made me feel brand new.

  • Barbara B
    Apr 2021

    Needed a deep tissue neck, shoulders and all I can say is OUTSTANDING! Highly recommend! 20 min was awesome!

  • Koya
    Feb 2021

    the guy was very aggressive even when I told him to be gentle now my back hurts really bad

  • Dyan D.
    Feb 2021

    Very impressive for a mall massage. These guys are EXCELLENT! I will come back if I'm in the area. It's definitely worth it. Leave a good tip too!

  • Afreen Shaikh
    Feb 2021

    Feel like a new person, would definitely recommend!

  • Erick B.
    Jan 2021

    I have been having shoulder pain for about 4-6 weeks and when it flares up oh my damn it is painful. Well due to the cooler weather the pain has been a little more harsh and it has be spreading down to my elbow and even my hand. My wife went to Christown Mall like two weeks ago and noticed that this place was here and she has been on me every since for us to go try them out (especially since our go to place at Metrocenter has closed) so today I finally did and boy am I glad that I did! Look, I don't know the guys name and there is definitely a language barrier but I told him that I was very tight in my left shoulder area and he immediately said table massage. I chose the $35/30 minute session and it was amazing! It was totally worth it. Now the massage itself was very painful at times but that was because I was so tight and had alot of knots so I suffered through it because I knew it was very beneficial to me. The masseuse did ask me if I was okay and acourse you can always ask them to ease up but again I just went with it because that is how tight and knotted up I was. I am a grown man and I almost cried during the massage (LMAO) because of the the relief that I was getting trust and believe I will never allow myself to get that tight and knotted up again. The prices are very fair and I will definitely be back again and again. If they do that great of job on the back then I can only imagine how great a foot massage would be!

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