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  • Christopher J.
    Nov 2021

    This place is pretty good, but I would only go here again in a pinch. When we came in they told us 30 minutes for a pedicure. We told them we both wanted manicure and pedicure. Okay, no problem. Since they're located in a shopping plaza, we went walking around and came back. We ended up waiting another 20 minutes for our pedicures - and once those were done, they said it would a quite the wait until we were able to get our manicures done. This is really frustrating. We were more than happy to make an appointment but they don't do that. To wash it over, we were offered "CHEAP WINE!" - they kept exclaiming, as they gave us a splash in a styrofoam cup. Sure - thanks - appreciate it.

  • Shi-Ann Scott
    Oct 2021

    Omg I absolutely love this place, what a fun environment and amazing people! The owner is a total riot with a great personality she was doing salon karaoke

  • Melinda Wang
    Oct 2021

    Very nice people, but I just wanted a gel polish change however I felt pressured to have a full manicure. I told the lady that I didn’t want my cuticles cut but she insisted, saying it would look “ugly” otherwise. I went along with it and sure enough, she cut me twice while cutting my cuticles. The nails itself felt like it was done very quickly, lots of small flaws on my French manicure and literally some dried blood mixed with the gel polish from where I got cut. Still asked for $40 instead of the original $25 for when it was just a polish change.

  • Anna Flores
    Oct 2021

    Terrible quality in two days my nails had a air hole in them where the gel started to peel up. I always get the same nails at other places & never have I had this problem. On top of that my nails are not even & lumpy which I pointed that out & she said well you wanted that shape, I always get the same shape & never had that problem. If you don’t know how to do them, just say that. I also had to pay for a soak off which was extra & unnecessary because I initially just wanted a fill for nails I had previously gotten done two weeks prior (somewhere else) & she insisted on me getting a soak off so I did & all for her to start trying to yank my nails with another nail. That is a big no! It damages your nails & painful. Terrible experience, don’t waste your money.Services: Manicures

  • Erica McKamie
    Oct 2021

    This was my first time coming to this nail salon. I had a wonderful experience. The nail tech that did my nails was very kind and professional. Kevin and all the staff were very kind and friendly. The nail salon even had karaoke which was a lot of fun. I love my purple nails. They came out beautifully. I will definitely be visiting back this salon for my next nail appointment ??Service: Acrylic nails

  • Grace T.
    Sep 2021

    The redeeming qualities are the ambiance, which is very nice and it is clean, and the staff is kind. My friend and I had appointments for a new set/fill at 5:30, we did not leave until 8:15 because we waited & it took so long... my set was $75 before tip..... one of my nails fell completely off within 10 days while i was cooking, when I went to get it put back on, it was done horribly, thankfully i did not have to pay, which was nice! everything is very rushed so the quality of nails (bumpy, flakey, and clearly not applied properly) was significantly lower than you would expect for the price.

  • Cinara N.
    Aug 2021

    Terrible service. Scheduled 2 pedicure and a manicure. Mentioned to the lady that was doing my pedicure that I wanted manicure as well. Nobody did my manicure.

  • Denisse L.
    Aug 2021

    Me and my girls got our nails done. My friends came to visit me from Washington and they where able to fit us in last minute. The service was great. They were friendly and such a fun environment.

  • Sandra C.
    Aug 2021

    This nail salon is beautiful and everyone was friendly. However, when I left to pay, I charged my credit card and wanted to leave the tip in cash. As I was reaching for my purse for cash, the lady goes "no tip?!?!" Very awkward

  • Denisa W.
    Aug 2021

    I really dislike even having to write this review because I think the owner of the salon is great she has karaoke and in between clients will sing in the salon she has great customer service and does a great job. However whenever the boss is gone it seems like nobody in places or business can get things done correctly. That goes for many businesses. Last night I arrive at the salon at 5:30PM to get a pedicure and SNS ombré dip with four different colors, so yes of course that's going to take a little longer, but I've never had my nails take more than an hour and a half. I was there from 5:30 PM until 09:10pm. Over three and a half hours. Now if my nails looked great I would say give some grace. They look absolutely terrible some of my nails look like there's like four nails on top of each other because of how many layers are on there they're all different color shades one almost the entire nail has color on it and some just the edge of the tip. It really looks absolutely horrendous looks like I'm wearing a bad fake nail set. I called this morning to see if the owner or a manager was there to speak to they said no she wouldn't be until tomorrow however I leave for the Bahamas so I asked if they could have her call me. They said come back we will fix it for you? Who in their right mind has another three hours to spend before a trip? And working during this time. As we were talking on the phone it cuts out completely and you cannot get through on the phone again. I know they have caller ID if the phone started to miraculously stop working maybe they should pick up a cell phone and call the customer back from there. At this point it would be a nightmare to have my boyfriend potentially propose to me on this trip with these nails. I also did mention this to them. Two employees came over and apologized to me while we were past the three hours. Not one of them could say let me help out? Also apologizing to me while I paid FULL PRICE at the end. I was so exhausted, hungry, and frustrated I could not discuss it with the poor lady being extra nice to me, to makeup for my crappy nails? My friend is as waiting with dinner who has her nails done with me at her house down the street. She called me on two occasions checking if I was okay. I wanted to call and get this squared away before writing a review as I feel the manager tries hard, but this experience absolutely sucks. I would be better off with just a clear polish on my own nails. Truly my toenails also look like I painted them on my own.

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